Compulsory corona tests will be suspended at Berlin schools from June 7th. However, schools can continue to carry out voluntary tests two days a week.

This was announced by the education administration for education on Wednesday with reference to the hygiene advisory board. If desired, a third test can be issued for the weekend.

Parents are asked to “inform the school in writing” whether the student will take part in the voluntary tests. This determination will then initially apply until the end of the school year.

The 3G rule for people outside the school, such as parents who take part in committee meetings, also ends. However, the school board pointed out that they were taking precautions so that test kits would be available again in the coming autumn and winter months. In addition, the Hygiene Advisory Board will continue to meet regularly.

According to the German Press Agency, Berlin is the only federal state in which corona tests are still mandatory in schools. State parent spokesman Norman Heise, who is a member of the Hygiene Advisory Board, said on request that it was good that the current regulation made it possible to return to compulsory testing, depending on the situation.

However, one headmaster, who did not want to be named, complained about the administrative burden that arises from the fact that voluntary testing is retained. Because a vote must be obtained from all families and implemented accordingly before the start of the lesson. The distribution of the tests for the weekend also means avoidable organizational effort.