Motorcycle accidents are quite common on our roads, and they can come about as a result of recklessness from other drivers. You have the right to sue for compensation in case of pain, harm, or damages caused by the other party. One of the steps you can take is hiring a car accident lawyer who will follow up on your case and ensure you get a fair settlement.

Atlanta auto accident lawyer has the legal expertise required for your case to help you get fast compensation. There are several things you should understand about securing your compensation in the event of a motorcycle accident. We look at them in detail.

What claims can you assert?

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident caused by someone else, you are usually entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. The perpetrator must compensate for all material and immaterial damage you suffered due to the motorcycle accident. This applies, for example, to compensation for pain and suffering, property damage, loss of earnings, household management damage, and so-called increased needs such as care and travel costs.

Frequently, parts of these claims for pain and suffering and damages after a motorcycle accident are not taken into account out of ignorance. However, accident victims can be entitled to large amounts here. For example, in a permanent loss of earnings or if lifelong care costs are incurred.

Compensation for lost quality of life

A special form of compensation is pain and suffering: This is about compensating accident victims for the lost quality of life. Compensation for pain and suffering cannot restore your health, but it can help to improve your economic situation significantly.

But what amounts are reasonable? Both in the case of compensation for pain and suffering as well as compensation for damages in the narrower sense, your individual situation is decisive – i.e., the duration of the treatment, possible psychological impairments, and the prognosis for the future. It is, therefore, difficult to make general statements, and the much-quoted tables for compensation for pain and suffering are only suitable to a limited extent for quantifying individual claims.

Other claims after a motorcycle accident

The claim for personal injury after a motorcycle accident does not only consist of compensation for pain and suffering. It is always related to other claims for damages, which surprisingly often are not taken into account. This includes various items that, in individual cases, can be even higher than the claim for compensation for pain and suffering, such as loss of earnings, damage to household management, or damage caused by additional needs. All of this damage must be correctly determined and quantified to enforce your damages claims consistently. In these positions, we have often achieved amounts that have far exceeded client expectations.

Engage the specialized lawyer

The more serious the health consequences are after a motorcycle accident, the more important it is to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer or specialist in the field of major personal injury after an accident. Because that significantly increases the chances of appropriate compensation. Especially against the background that some insurers refuse or massively delay the settlement of claims even in supposedly clear cases. Anyone who tries to assert their claims on their own is usually in a losing position and is extremely disadvantaged when it comes to settling claims for pain and suffering.