Small businesses, mid-sized companies, but also with the greats, almost all of the sectors are feeling the pain of the economic impact of the coronacrisis. In some sectors, is running the sales of a few tens of percent back, the other one is the revenue in one fell swoop, reduced to zero.

this is the front of a Thursday-published survey among the members of the MKB-Nederland and VNO-NCW), where officers of more than one hundred and fifty associations have also participated.

“Within a sector are large differences. How to apply to the inland waterways, a loss of 40 per cent for the transport of goods, but of 100 per cent for passenger transport”, report the news. Also, in the cleaning sector the picture is great!!!

“There is talk of contraction and growth and at the same time”, to conclude, SMES, and employers ‘ organization VNO-NCW). Thus, it is in the care of many more jobs, but it is working as well as it ground to a halt in the hotel and leisure sector, and air transport. “In the uitvaartbranche of the messages in the morning. More and more people die, but because of the ban on catering has a large proportion of the employees are out of a job.”

In a few areas, it is a good thing

The representatives of the different sectors are also not very optimistic for the future. “More than half of which are experiencing all of the problems in the supply chain with the suppliers. This can include, for example, the components of which are not provided, and barriers to trade”, then come to the front of the questionnaire. Half of the entrepreneurs expect that the next few months and still have severe loss of sales.

a lot of companies, more than 80 per cent of the respondents branchedirecteuren, this indicates, will be entitled to make any additional financial support or a loan.

as expected, the majority of the employment in the sector is likely to decline, or which are limited or strongly, it is a little different for each category. In a few areas, in spite of, or perhaps because of-the coronacrisis is very good. “And that goes for businesses, for example, in online retailing, supermarkets, grocery stores, or manufacturers of medical supplies.”