Anyone who, like us, reports on Berlin on a small scale, about what is happening on the streets and squares, in educational and leisure facilities, in town halls and places of worship, in train stations and on the banks, in public space used by civil society initiatives and is designed, encounters city history everywhere that is already remembered in the cityscape or that should be remembered.

Commemoration and remembrance are important topics in our district newsletters. The joy about a new memorial project and the horror about vandalism at memorial sites, often politically motivated, are not far apart, in this case just a few corners, ten minutes by bike.

In Wismarer Straße, on the banks of the Teltow Canal, the memorial to the Lichterfelde subcamp was desecrated with the slogan “They deserved it”, an obviously right-wing extremist act.

In Geraer Straße, students invite you to their exhibition about Jewish neighbors and their persecution in Nazi Germany.

We report on both in the district newsletter, here and here. In the faint hope that such educational projects will at least make such smearing less likely.

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