Showbiz, Andy Peelman forge the iron when it is hot. This means that the order of the star of The Buurtpolitie’ packed with olympics news is, right now, he’s a father now. Andy, what’s wrong with a remarkable entry to the new VTM show “What a Day”. In his column, he takes us for a behind-the-scenes.

“Boeh! This week is Halloween. The trend has spread to the Americas, and is now very popular in our country. It is not that we will decorate the house with pumpkins and ghosts, but in the past, my wife and I have meegewandeld a Halloweentocht. A lot of fun, because it brings people together. In contrast to the New, I have not a fast shock. Except for the spiders. Here is a kitten, and I’ll make a card with it, but if I had a spinnenkop, behold, I go out to my roof. Have no idea of how that fear came to be. There has never been one to spin me something to do. Tine and I are at an agreement, they turn to the spin of death, I will take them out. I am, however, a real daredevil. I like to take risks, even if it is for my lady there, not a big fan of it. Because if you do not have to worry about it, do you have sometimes the meaning of things. I would sometimes have a little longer to think about it for me is ‘yes’ to say.”

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“is An example of my impulsive character, which was a marathon in the desert of Morocco. I immediately said ” yes ” but I’d better have a few nights of thinking and New had to be discussed. But that’s something I never do. It is a point. It’s not that I regret I have of my participation, even though these two bruised ribs and, of course, is not really good. It was a stupid accident. I lost my balance, and my feet are not in time with the klikpedaal get. The Los on the ground I went. Tine says that I have to go to the doctor, but the bruised ribs, you can’t do anything. It is the suffering up to the present, I remember a skiing accident nine years ago. Only do I have to be careful that no one is to firmly take hold. And those sleepless nights of pain, no fun at all. Comfort: New, it is too often awake at night if our daughter is crying.”

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