According to reports, the suspect asked the victim about Bloomberg’s grown daughters.

This week, a Colorado man was arrested in Wyoming. He allegedly kidnapped the supervising housekeeper at a ranch that is owned by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Joseph Beecher, 48, allegedly asked the woman, who was unidentified, about Bloomberg’s whereabouts after he drove his truck through the ranch gate and made her flee with him.

Beecher also allegedly rant about Bloomberg, while Beecher made Beecher drive him in her truck into the Denver area.

After being forced to withdraw money from an ATM, she reportedly said “Help me!” and was eventually located at a Cheyenne motel, Wyoming. Investigators had traced her iPad.
Beecher was alleged to have an AR-15 pistol and a handgun. He was taken into federal custody and charged with kidnapping.

Although the woman was not hurt, Beecher allegedly kissed her forehead and said that if she weren’t a woman, she would be killed.

The suspect is not known to have any connection with the Bloombergs or the employee. Authorities said that he lives in Craig, Colorado about 70 miles away from the ranch, where he was an apartment handyman.

According to court documents, Beecher also told the victim that he went to an airport in the area last summer to search for Bloomberg.

“We are deeply grateful to the Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s office and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation as well as Wyoming law enforcement and the F.B.I. Ty Trippet, a spokesperson for Bloomberg, stated that other people were also credited for taking swift and heroic actions in this case to ensure that no lives were lost, and that the victim was safely returned home to her family.
Bloomberg bought the ranch for $44.8 Million in 2020.