Colonel Fierce: who was the secret patron of Mikhail Kalashnikov

History 09/02/20 Colonel Fierce: who was the secret patron of Mikhail Kalashnikov

Humanity would be hard to survive in nature and to conquer it is the unconditional leader, if not lethal weapons. However, it is not enough just to invent something really deadly. It is also important to implement, pay for the novelty of attention, to prove its effectiveness. Even geniuses need a reputable patrons. An example of a constructor Mikhail Kalashnikov – to bail. His promotion was facilitated by the Colonel with a Fierce sounding name.

the Origins of the future legends

Vasiliy Fedorovich Fierce – the future patron Saint of the outstanding weapons of the inventor – was born in 1918 in the village of Ust-Labinsk, in the Krasnodar region. In 1941, he graduated from the Artillery Academy of the red Army and was assigned to research ground small arms and mortar Main autoprofile (GAU) for the position of test engineer.

during the great Patriotic war Vasily Fedorovich was successful in the military tests. And on July 15, 1943, a momentous event occurred: the Soviet Union, at the meeting of the technical Council of the people’s Commissariat of armament, it was demonstrated the effect of captured German weapons and then given the task to achieve and Excel. Here’s the race for creating the best automatic weapons.

In the competition program was attended by 15 weapons designer, but the results of the first contest of the leadership were not enough. Although it won machine bolt carrier tilt, then seemed the most appropriate. However, its characteristics seem still insufficient and in the end of 1945 GAU announced the second contest. In mid-1946 about his invention said Mikhail Kalashnikov.

the Application is not something that has not been triumphal, and it first even put bold cross. The first testtaniya sample ward spent then still of a Fierce major – Lieutenant Pchelintsev. He also drew up the final act with the wording: “the system is flawed and a revision is not subject…”.

Kalashnikov in those years did not consider himself a star and a legend, recognizing the palm for Degtyarev, Simonov, and Shpagin. However, disagreed with a fundamental inability of finalizing their own offer. Then he asked for help “over the head” – the head of the one who made a negative conclusion. And, as history has shown, not lost.

a Productive collaboration

the First model do not fit anywhere and had to be redone from scratch. However, the prospects Vasily Fedorovich saw, and therefore demanded Pchelintseva to change the wording of the conclusion. Now she already foresaw the possibility of revision. By 18 points.

Fierce took patronage over the then-unknown Kalashnikov – and things went smoothly. First, the Mikhail Kalashnikov fixed all that in principle could fix, and that depended on his skills. Second, in Kovrov piece was started the production of new, fixed samples. Thirdly, the organizational and technical works were drawn trusted friend and associate of the future of the legendary Colonel – engineer Vladimir Dakin. Which, however, was not only a talented engineer but also the head of the test units, that is, the decision maker.

it has been suggested that the contest interfered, and what was involved an administrative resource, coupled with personal arrangements. Whatever it was, by 1947, was able to achieve a result that is now known to all. In the testing of newly made machine participated personally Vasiliy Fedorovich Fierce.

Despite the triumph and the evident merits to the Motherland, the fate Fierce was difficult, although the gallant Colonel honestly overcame all adversity. He had the opportunity to engage in intenseiy a conflict with a certain Goryainov – person with very good connections, but with a very low professional level. Time has shown that the parallel really was engaged in his place is not what you need. However, thanks to his initiative and with his active instigation Fierce was tried under several articles: for terrorism, for anti-Soviet propaganda and for participation in counterrevolutionary group. Under torture, Vasily Fedorovich partially admitted his guilt and got in the end 10 years of labor camps, though originally wanted to give 25.

Immediately upon release in 1957, the Colonel was engaged in the development of missile weapons: an extremely promising area in terms of the Cold war. And in this field made more brilliant success: together with staff of OKB-16 of A. E. Nudelman created man portable air defence systems (MANPADS) “Strela 1” and “Arrow 2”, and incidentally he defended his thesis at MVTU named after N. Uh. Bauman. Successes again aroused the envy and resentment, but this time without serious consequences.

In 1969 Fierce resigned and moved on to teaching and analytical work. In 1969-1982, he taught at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, and in 1982 he was invited to the Kiev scientific research Institute of Goskomprognostat and architecture (TSNIIEP), where he worked until his death from cancer on 16 December 1990.

For any legendary accomplishment are UPS and downs, difficulties and troubles. And simple the brainchild of senior Sergeant Kalashnikov could easily drown in obscurity if not for the sagacity of the engineering genius of Vasily Fedorovich Fierce.

Ilya Pozhidaev

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