LONDON, George Clooney said Sunday that he doesn’t want to pursue a second career as a politician. He would prefer a “nice lifestyle” and is trying to reduce his workload.

The 60-year old actor and director, however, delved into politics in an interview with Andrew Marr of the BBC. Clooney, who is a long-time friend of U.S. President Joe Biden described America as a country still reeling from Donald Trump’s destruction.

Clooney quickly dismissed the notion of Clooney running for office when he was asked if he intended to.

Clooney said, “No, because it would be nice to have a good life.” He appeared on the program to promote “The Tender Bar”.

Clooney stated that he would take on fewer projects when he’s healthy so that he can “play basketball and do what I love.”

He said that he turned 60 in this year. “In 20 years I will turn 80, and that’s a very real number. It doesn’t matter what you do, how you eat or how hard you train, 80 is a real number. So I told you that we must make these years enjoyable and fulfilling.

Clooney dismissed concerns about Biden’s declining poll numbers and said that Trump is still struggling to live up to his legacy.

Clooney stated, “It’s almost like taking a child who has been battered and believing that everything will be fine his first day at school.” There are many things that need to be fixed, there is a lot to heal, and it will take time.

Clooney stated that Trump is still a factor in U.S. political life and that he hopes Americans will have “a little more sense” of Trump’s return to the White House.

Clooney stated, “It’s funny because he was just a knucklehead.” He was just a guy who was interested in girls. He was just a guy who chased girls. He would ask you every time you went out, “What’s the name?” That was all he was.