Clive Hornby, a legend in EMMERDALE, was associated with the soap after he spent 28 years as Jack Sugden’s lothario farmer.

His flat cap, plaid shirts, and womanizing ways were loved by his fans. Clive’s three decades spent in the Dales saw his marriages ravaged by tragedy and infidelity. He also struggled with temptation.

Clive had to leave the soap because of illness after he had a good relationship with Diane, his third wife. The actor tragically died during this time.

Jack was written out by show bosses. He suffered a heart attack while visiting Annie in Spain, and left his Dales costars and viewers devastated.

Clive was more than just his unlucky in-love alter-ego. We look at some details that you may not have known.


The Beatles are the most famous music group of all. The lesser-known The Dennisons, featuring Clive on drums, emerged from the Liverpool scene at about the same time.


The Merseybeat band had modest success between 1961 and 1967 with singles Be My Girl, and Walking the Dog. They were signed to the legendary Decca label.

Although their legacy is now largely forgotten, Cavern Club DJ Bob Wooler stated that the Dennisons had made the greatest impact on Liverpool since The Beatles.


Jack was reunited with his former flame Pat [Helen Weir] when he returned to the Dales in August 1980.

They were soon married, but their relationship was strained when Jack began an affair with Karen Moore, a news reporter.


Jack accepted an ultimatum and decided to stay with Pat. The pair had their son Andy. Jack was left a single parent after Pat died in a car accident one year later.

Clive and Helen’s relationship didn’t stop there. They had been in a relationship for some time and were married the year Helen left soap.

Thomas was also born to them, and Clive continued to love him.

They were together for 14 years before they split in 2000. Clive spoke out about his relationship with his son in a Mirror interview that year. “Tom and me are friends. We do everything together. He is my best friend.

“He’s 14 years old, I know. He probably wonders why. But I don’t care. It’s important to show your love. We also talk all the time.

Tom was given PS324,000 by Clive in a trust after his death.


Clive sustained serious injuries while filming a scene where he was required to push a tractor. Clive was hospitalized for eight days after his lung burst and he stated that he would never experience it again. He even quit smoking cigarettes, despite the fact that he had stopped smoking cigars.

When rumors circulated about his health in 2008 following his absence, he vowed to never leave soap. However, he died from cancer at the age of 63.

Clive’s funeral was attended by cast members from the past and present. They were accompanied by a large number of people who came out to say a fond farewell at Rawdon Crematorium, Leeds.