Club Brugge’s Philippe Clement will receive with Club Brugge on Sunday Anderlecht are up for the challenge of the eighth day in Jupiler Pro League. Blue, black, purple, white, all on a twelve-question. Lenient on some of the hot topics:

Lenient on the voetbalfilosofie of Vincent Kompany and Anderlecht:

“I’ve got all the matches of Anderlecht is seen in the veldspel they are the better team has been,” said Clement. “But they are not effective has been. The veldspel has to be better than we are? That is a comparison you can’t make it, because we have not yet played each other. But in the end it is not about how much possession you have, but whether your team wins or not and how many points you get. Of course, I’m a coach who likes to play football and to be built in a way that Anderlecht are trying to do, and I value it.”