Claire Sheridan: cousin of Churchill, which became the mistress of Trotsky

History 17/01/20 Clare Sheridan: cousin of Churchill, which became the mistress Trotsky

Clare Sheridan and in fact had Winston Churchill’s cousin. In 1920, the cousin of the military Minister was officially invited to Moscow. By that time, Sheridan has become a widow, so nothing prevented her to an affair, even in Soviet Russia. Among her lovers were Leon Trotsky.

Familiarity with Molotov

Clare Frewen was born in 1885 in the family policy of Friona and his wife Clara, who was the sister of the mother of Winston Churchill. Claire to some extent followed in the footsteps of his father, addicted to literature, and became fairly well-known writer and journalist. However, Friven possessed the artistic gift, and also was known as a gifted sculptor. Moreover, sculptures of celebrities brought Claire a good income: in 1915 she lost her husband and she had alone have two children.

thanks to this craft Claire, who in marriage bore the name of Sheridan, and met with Lev Kamenev. However, as the authors of the publication “Documentary chronicle of the Russian revolution” (compiled by Alexander Zarubin), Kamenev ordered Sheridan your bust only in order to get the highest circles of British society to friends “Advice”. However, being in London, he posed Sheridan with pleasure, and before leaving even invited sculptor in Moscow. This proposal Claire happily accepted.

an affair with Trotsky

the Excuse was found quickly. In 1920 Clare Sheridan has received an official invitation from Russia: she had to sculpt a bust of Leon Trotsky. As she later recalled Sheridan, the words of which are given in the book Nikolai Starikov “Power”, and Trotsky was instantly drawn to each other. Despite the fact that, as claimed by the sculptor, Trotsky did not pay any “attention to desire the samensany”, met lovers quite often. The interview took place in the train, in which Leon Trotsky was running on the fronts during the Civil war.

that cousin of Churchill was not a little fascinated by Trotsky, shows the letter sent to Sheridan from Moscow cousin, Shane Leslie. In it Claire tirelessly admired the Soviet Commissar claiming that “sensitive face”, “amazing voice” and “subtle mind”. As if summing up the above, Claire Sheridan wrote to Leslie: “Trotsky is probably the most beautiful person I have ever met”. However, the Lev Davidovich, apparently, did not experienced anything similar to Sheridan.

the Love is gone…

At least, they never met. However, according to Yuri Felshtinsky and Cherniavsky George, authors of the book “Leon Trotsky. Bolshevik. 1917-1923”, Trotsky tried to persuade Sheridan to stay in Moscow. But sister Churchill could not leave their children. On the eve of her departure, the Commissar asked the diplomat Litvinov to visit Claire and to ask, not whether she changed her mind. As to Trotsky that the mistress did not appear. Anyway, Sheridan for his decision has not changed. She tried to call “a wonderful person”, but the phone Trotsky already answered: by the time he had already left the capital on his train. Soon his example was followed by Claire.

three years Later, Claire Sheridan again visited Moscow. This time, however, Sheridan has not experienced the same vivid impressions of Soviet Russia. Yuri Felshtinsky and Cherniavsky George suggest it could be due to the fact that during his second visit, Sheridan and Trotsky failed to meet: old feelings, Commissar faded and the woman considered themselves to be unfairly rejected. Hoping to feel the old delight, Claire went to Sevastopol and Odessa, but even there she suffered a great disappointment. Subsequently, in the personal archive of Sheridan was discovered staging photograph, which she with loving eyes looks at a bust of Trotsky.

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