China’s President Xi Jinping has warned other countries against his government “dictation”. At the same time he promised in his speech to the 40. Anniversary of the start of the Reform and opening-up policy under Deng Xiaoping that China’s development was “not a threat to any country”.

“We are determined to reform, what can change and needs to,” said Xi at the Great hall of the people. In allusion to the trade dispute with the United States to a further Opening of China’s markets, the President said, however, China will be just as determined to “reform” that can’t be change.

China and the United States for months in a trade dispute. Both countries have imposed a variety of economic areas of mutual sanctions. US President, Donald Trump interferes, in particular, to the dumping prices from China and the large trade deficit of the USA with the people’s Republic of. Only Recently, there is again a rapprochement between the governments in Washington and Beijing.

Meanwhile, China is pushing ahead in Asia and Africa, a number of projects. This is seen by many States as an attempt, that China wants a long-term influence – both politically and economically.

China under Xi

developed weaker to make matters worse for Xi, that the economy has diminished the force of the people’s Republic, and its course is therefore also within the country controversial. Some critics accuse him of even that the country has moved since his coming to power six years ago. To the Outside is presented to a President who presents himself as a verbal champion of free world trade. However, measures for the removal of market barriers that were against the discrimination of foreign firms, or the technology theft to a large extent.

Even in his current speech, Xi announced no initiatives that could bring the Chinese economy back to a better swing. He said only: “openness brings progress, seclusion leads to backwardness.” He disappointed the wishes of private entrepreneurs who had hoped for from the anniversary of the policy of reform, a further Opening of the Chinese industry and less domination of state-owned enterprises.

Xi said China will never develop at the expense of the interests of other countries. He called for a multilateral trading system, without the trade dispute with the US to address directly. And Xi praised – unlike on previous occasions, the market economic reforms of Deng explicitly and in the highest tones. This would have wegmanövriert China from the brink of economic collapse, it was advised after the cultural revolution.

Hunger, lack and poverty have overcome required

Xi said China had made in only a few decades ago, “what industrialized countries for several Hundred years”. Hunger, lack and poverty had been overcome, and the people’s Republic’s second-largest economy in the world ascended.

under The Chinese reform architect Deng Xiaoping started Opening up has brought China, in fact, since 1978, an unprecedented boom of foreign firms that were able to make in the people’s Republic, finally, in a large scale shops have benefited.

TIME ONLINE in a focus with China. Kick-off was a portrait of China’s President Xi Jinping.