To the best of the web-What’s swimming around in the China Jangtsekiang), the third-longest river in the world? The microblogsite, Sina Weibo is abuzz with the guessing after last week, all the images did not appear when I go to a black thing that looks set to continue to move in the water. Or what in China is completely under the spell of his own, the monster of Loch Ness.

all The images were taken in the vicinity of the Drieklovendam in the Chinese province of Hubei. More than six million people have watched them already. The Chinese have realised it and even experts, in their quest to find a plausible explanation for this. As a professor, Wang Chunfang, who have no other Nessie in the house, nor a new one of a kind. And he did it in a simple “tube”. According to some people, it would be the water, as a exceptional size due to the pollution.

everyone does not agree with it, and had the fact, whether it is to be a living being is went out. The image from a different angle, seemed to have something to show you, but that is not so flexible it was. For a biologist, Ding Li, it was just a “floating object”. That slope was enhanced by a viral photo of a large piece of black fabric up.

The joke, of course, were not on the air. Some people saw this as a campaign to attract tourists to the Drieklovendam millions to be poured into. The others laughed, and the quality of the material, which is not in conformity with the rapid advances in technology, the cameras of the Chinese smartphone market. Samples of scuba diving before there are too few pixels out,” joked someone else.

It is the largest living creature, which is found in the 6.380 km long, Jangtsekiang, the Chinese reuzensalamander to 1m80 long as it can be. That species is threatened by the pollution of the river.

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