Celebrities, Harvey Weinstein has a new charge to his feet. Rose McGowan, that is, the cases, the film producer is also accused of rape and has him now attacked because of the extortion. That report different American media outlets. The actress said that Weinstein and his attorneys, all of doing so that it has its mouth about the alleged abuse.

The Charmed actress says that she is in for 2016 and 2017 are already out, wanted to come up with her story, but that Weinstein and his attorneys then with the help of a spy with a stick for trying to cross a street.

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According to Rose, who said in 1997 that the producer raped her, and there were calls to be included in order for her claims to be. The actress is suing the lawyers of Weinstein, on account of expression.

The studio has been for the past few years, dozens of women accused of sexual misconduct, ranging from sexual harassment to rape. In January, he has to report to the court in New York, five cases of rape and sexual assault.