Chardakhly: why it is considered the most courageous village of Union

History 31/01/20 Chardakhly: why it is considered the most courageous village of Union

This is an Armenian village of the Azerbaijani SSR gave the Soviet Union as a hero (as noted by the corresponding titles, and just outstanding people, who have achieved Union recognition) that researchers of its history are still arguing: how could it happen that the mountain village, at the beginning of the twentieth century and not numbering two thousand people, were able to “demonstrate” the brave Caucasians?

Not only men but also bulls with dogs

According to the head of the Armenian community of Yuri Minasyan, in the Armenian village Chardakhlu (Chardakhlu) power was taken to be measured not only men, but oxen and dogs, the common was a regular wrestling contests, in the icy water of a mountain stream male population bathed year-round. Residents Chardakhly bred bulls and competed with neighbors whose ox is stronger. I’ve also checked and red wolf-dogs (a herding breed of dog, each individual bigger than a pair of sheep). Wolfhound alone could choke a bear.

It Minosyan, based on historical data, announced these unique historical figures subsequently quoted hundreds of times – from a little more than 1.2 thousands of men Chardakhly, who had gone to fight in the Great Patriotic war, two countrymen became marshals (Hamazasp Babajanyan a, and Hovhannes (Ivan) Baghramyan). In fairness it should be noted that the rank of Marshal, they appropriated after the war: Bagramyan 10 years after the Victory, Babajanyan – 22 years later. But the title of hero of the Soviet Union both received military exploits in the Second world (another Gold Star Bagramyan was awarded in 1970-ies).

in Addition to the Baghramyan and Babajanyan, Minosyan calls 12 generals and 7 Heroes of the Soviet Union – natives of Chardakhly, every fifth brother in the war and held a high commanding position, every second cartolina – medals.

If these data archiveabout confirmed, the history of participation of the inhabitants of this mountain village in the great Patriotic war deserves a separate historical study.

First, beat, then “Hello” said

About the origins of prowess cartolinas the old residents told Chardakhly. The Armenians were Christians, before they go on the attack, wore a special white robe in the form of a cross and fought to the death – such was the desire to show that their race will not bow my head in battle.

According to the oldest teacher Chardakhly of Arustam Karapetyan, the future Hero of the Soviet Union, and before the war – the shepherd Hamazasp Babajanian – feared by all the inhabitants of the nearby Armenian villages, it was too bold was he: “first beat, and then said Hello” would not forgive offenders, uphold justice. Him because of the recalcitrant nature had to stay with five classes of education. But Hamazasp still managed to enroll at the school of infantry and neglect hard training. As a result, it was just a great performance.

garabedian said Babajanian (chief Marshal of armored forces of the USSR since 1975) countrymen revered even more than the “officially recognized Marshal” Baghramyan. Hakobyan, however, did not argue with that. About the exploits of the officer-tankman Babajanian in his homeland still is legendary. Head arustam Karapetyan said that the Germans called it the Black Panther for the audacity and quick maneuvering in the tank attack.

What about the nature of courage cartolina said the marshals are

Ivan (Hovhannes) Bagramyan recalled that much of his character formed the oral folk tale Armenian folk heroes, their exploits. The Hamazasp Babajanian stored in the memory of the legend of the countryman, allegedly encouraged by Peter I for the difference in the Caspian campaign. The life in the family was proud of ancestors-warriors, his uncle was the staff captain of the tsarist army, George knight, his grandfather’s brother became a major-General.

During Soviet times, about the valor of the natives Chardakhly made a documentary film “Village of the brave”. Wanted to call it “the Marshals from the village of Chardakhlu”but at the insistence of Baghramyan believed that the main characters are the residents, the name of the picture changed.

In the late 1980s Chardakhly exposed to a sad story: Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict ended with the ousting of Armenians from the village, they were the first refugees of the Karabakh war, more than 300 families left the heroic homeland. Since 1991 the Azeri village carries the name of Chanlibel (in translation into Russian it means “Hummingbird”).

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