Chancellor Olaf Scholz stood in front of Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (both SPD), who had come under criticism for her son flying with him in a government helicopter.

When asked whether it was a burden for his government, Scholz said in an interview published on Saturday by the news portal “t-online”: “I am very sure: If you look back at the election period in three years, it will say: ” She is the defense minister who made sure that the Bundeswehr is finally properly equipped.” When the chancellor stated that this was a bold prognosis, he replied: “No”.

Lambrecht took her 21-year-old son with him in a government helicopter to a military visit in northern Germany in mid-April, without him taking part in the military visit himself. The next day and after an overnight stay in a hotel, the car and bodyguards drove to the nearby island of Sylt.

Lambrecht had expressed understanding for public criticism of the flight on Wednesday. At the same time, she announced consequences so that such allegations would no longer be possible in the future. She did not give details. The Ministry of Defense had pointed out that Lambrecht had applied for the flight in accordance with the rules and had fully assumed the costs.