In the state-owned Vivantes clinics, the top staff is changing – again, one almost has to say. CFO Eibo Krahmer, who has been on the board of the state-owned group since 2015, is leaving his post after this summer.

The business IT specialist Krahmer, who previously managed the finances of the University Medical Center in Mannheim, will start as Commercial Director of the University Hospital in Aachen in the fall. Vivantes supervisory board chairman Eckhard Nagel announced on Tuesday that the company owed a lot to Krahmers’ “loyalty” to Krahmers.

Only at the end of 2020 did the Senate, clinic managers and employee representatives argue about the top positions at the Vivantes headquarters in Reinickendorf. The red-red-green Senate was looking for a Vivantes CEO, this post is now de facto held by Johannes Danckert, who was previously responsible for the large clinics in Neukölln and Kreuzberg. The former vice-president of the Medical University of Hanover was rejected by the supervisory board representatives of the workforce.

Previously, the long-time Vivantes boss Andrea Grebe, the chairwoman of the supervisory board Vera Gäde-Butzlaff and HR manager Corinna Jendges had left the group. Today, Danckert and HR manager Dorothea Schmidt form the Vivantes board, and a successor is being sought for Krahmer.

Within the Vivantes chain, there is currently a dispute over the collective agreement that was struck in 2021. Verdi accuses the group management of not paying out agreed wage increases in the Vivantes subsidiaries. The union also calls for the number of nursing staff to be increased as regulated in the collective agreement.

At a meeting on Monday, health senator Ulrike Gote was heavily criticized for this, the Greens politician is a member of the Vivantes supervisory board. In the summer of 2021, many nursing staff in the Vivantes clinics and the state-owned Charité had stopped work for weeks, which is why non-time-critical treatments were canceled.

In particular, the many Vivantes rescue centers are considered underfunded. As a shareholder, the Senate is now giving 260 million euros to increase equity in the Vivantes clinics, regardless of the investments planned for all hospitals. In addition, a further 93 million euros are to go to the national group in 2023.

With around 18,000 employees and almost 6,000 beds, Vivantes is the largest chain of municipal clinics in Germany. Vivantes has eight hospitals, 18 nursing homes, an outpatient service and a rehabilitation center.