Center of social innovations invites entrepreneurs

Novosibirsk businessmen set itself the objective of not only profit, but also promote the healthy development of society, can count on measures of state and regional support. Provider of such a policy stands the newly opened Center for social innovations (ICSD), which was launched as part of a single centre “My business”.

CICC Services available to entrepreneurs, organizing the employment of workers with limited functions, providing a decent level of life of the elderly and disabled, caring for the seriously ill, their care and rehabilitation, and fabrication of technical equipment for these purposes. To potential customers of CICC include companies involved in education, culture, sports development, recreation and rehabilitation of children.

Such entities of small and medium enterprises, leading activities in the field of social entrepreneurship, the center offers a wide range of training programs for peer testing and accelerate business development. They include educational formats designed for entrepreneurs of all different levels. Today opened recruitment for the program “foundations of social entrepreneurship”, which will start in September 2020.

in addition, CICC contributes to the nomination of representatives of the Novosibirsk social business at the regional stage of all-Russian competition “the Best social project of the year” which will pass in August – September 2020. Participation in the contest will provide an opportunity to obtain an expert evaluation of your business and to present their project at the Federal level.

the list of services of CICC include the promotion of social entrepreneurship projects, including the production of single page websites (landing pages), videos and informational materials as well as services branding socially-oriented business.