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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Jackson Sparks was the sixth and youngest victim of injuries. The family's church stated that Jackson Sparks, their sweet little boy, was now under the care and supervision of Jesus. A Wisconsin family has lost a son after a speeding SUV crashed...
"When Harry met Santa" is a story about the blossoming romance between these two men during their annual Christmas visits. Norway's Posten released a Christmas commercial in which a couple, Santa, and their boyfriend, tell a touching story. This is to...
An annual National Day of Mourning is held to honor Native American ancestors, promote Native American resilience, and highlight the truth behind Thanksgiving. It will not be Thanksgiving celebration when hundreds gather on Cole's Hill in Massachusetts above Plymouth Rock...
BRUNSWICK (Ga.) -- His life was stretching before him and his troubles were largely behind. He was enrolled at South Georgia Technical College and was preparing to become an electrical engineer, like his uncles. He decided to take a break first. He...
NEW YORK (AP), Santa Claus is back, but he warns that he will not be too careful as he navigates the pandemic. "Be smart. Be kind. Be kind. In spite of a decline in Jolly Old Elfs -- approximately 15% fewer in one...
MOGADISHU (AP) -- Witnesses said that a large explosion occurred outside a Somalia school on Thursday, killing at least eight people. Al-Shabab, an extremist group, claimed responsibility for the attack. Large parts of rural Somalia are controlled by an al-Qaida-linked organization,...
CALAIS (France) -- A French official claimed Thursday that at least 27 migrants died after their small boat capsized while trying to cross the English Channel. Gerald Darmanin, Interior Minister, announced also the arrest of a fifth suspected human trafficker...


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