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Friday, June 10, 2022
On Tuesday, Russia invaded Ukraine for the sixth time. A huge convoy of Russian tanks, armored vehicles was seen on the road to Kyiv's capital. Fighting is intensifying in these cities and other large ones. Russia attacked several sites in Kyiv as well...
After a series of airstrikes against cities and military bases across the country, Russian forces were approaching Kyiv, Ukraine's capital on Saturday. Residents were ready for another night of street fighting after officials in the city warned about possible street fighting. These are...
Tens of thousands of Ukrainians, carrying their children and luggage, raced to the border Saturday as Russian troops advanced toward Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. According to the U.N refugee agency, at least 150,000 people fled Ukraine and fled to...
According to South Korean and Japanese officials, North Korea launched a ballistic missile into the sea on Sunday in what was apparently its eighth round of weapon tests this year. South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff reported that the launch...
As Russian troops approached the capital of Ukraine, more Russians spoke out against the invasion Saturday, as the official rhetoric by the government grew more harsh. The Russian capital Moscow saw small-scale street protests resume despite massive detentions on Thursday,...
According to the United Nations, there have been at least 240 civilian casualties in Ukraine, including 64 deaths, since Thursday's Russian invasion. However, it believes the actual numbers are much higher as many casualties still remain to be confirmed. The...
Friday's Biden administration was attempting to assure financial institutions that U.S. sanctions against the Taliban weren't meant to prevent trade that could aid Afghanistan out of an economic and humanitarian crisis. Senior administration officials stated that a so-called general license...


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Brandenburg’s Prime Minister questions the import ban on Russian oil

Brandenburg's government is questioning the import stop for Russian oil from the "Druschba" pipeline announced by Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) if the continued operation...