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Saturday, June 25, 2022
BEIJING -- China claims its Tianwen-1 spacecraft has entered a temporary parking orbit around Mars in expectation of landing a rover on the red planet in the forthcoming months. The China National Space Administration said the spacecraft executed a maneuver...
Followers of YouTube character Roaring Kitty, motivated by his own enthusiasm for purchasing stock in the underdog retailer GameStop, made him an icon at the social networking frenzy which shocked Wall Street His hometown paper in Massachusetts dubbed him a"Brockton...
Some time ago, Milestone, which are the creators of Monster Energy Supercross 3, released a trailer of the game. The trailer that was released gave players a glimpse into all the new features that they were going to find...
Health authorities are exploring exceptionally strange blood clots following usage of 2 COVID-19 vaccines, and also a rare immune reaction is the Primary defendant An uncommon, rogue immune reaction is the principal suspect as police investigate exceptionally strange blood clots...
A series of lights which lobbed across the nighttime skies in parts of America more than three nights earlier that week had callers blatantly calling TV channels from Texas to Wisconsin and speculating that the fleet of UFOs was...
7 surveillance companies were based in India, North Macedonia and China Meta has notified about 50,000 Facebook and Instagram users that they may have been targeted by seven private "surveillance-for-hire" firms. "The global surveillance-for-hire industry targets people across the internet to collect intelligence,...
CASPER, Wyo. -- President Joe Biden's bid to tackle climate change is running directly through the core of the U.S. petroleum and gas sector -- a much larger, stronger foe than Democrats confronted when they took about the coal...


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Forest fire situation relaxed in the evening – evacuations lifted

In the case of the large forest fire on the border between Saxony and Brandenburg, the situation relaxed significantly late on Friday evening.The emergency...