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Contents page 1 — "Our state has really other problems" on page 2 — a tax expert Bach is required against the abolition, On a page read The economy have recently the abolition of the solidarity surcharge. The...
The Federal cartel office of the merger of Department store chains Karstadt and Kaufhof approved. The competition authority announced in Bonn. cartel office President Andreas Mundt said: "We have reviewed the project intensively. Neither...
The International monetary Fund (IMF) has warned of the impact of the financial problems of Italy to other European countries. The uncertainty over Italy's finances was significant, said the IMF in its autumn forecast for Europe. Italy's...
The Bundestag has decided to make a backup of the level of Pensions and an increase in the mothers ' pension. With the votes of the CDU and the SPD, the law passed the Parliament, previously, the...
The low water levels of the rivers mess up transport chains in Germany. Because of the low water on the Rhine, for example, in the case of gasoline and Diesel to supply shortages increase, causing the prices...
The Irish low cost airline Ryanair has ver according to its own information with the Union.di in collective bargaining for its German cabin staff agreed. Ryanair said it had signed a collective agreement, Ver.di spoke, however, of...
The pensioners in Germany can adapt to an increase in their pensions in the coming year. The news Agency dpa and the editorial network in Germany reports citing a draft of the pension insurance report in 2018....


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John Cryan: Former Deutsche Bank CEO gets million severance

The former boss of Deutsche Bank, John Cryan, has received for the involuntary change of management, a severance payment in the millions....