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German companies will have to run to 2018 to a value of almost 1.3 trillion euros. Thus, exports in Germany, a new High, as the Federal statistics office on the basis of preliminary calculations. There were three...
collective bargaining in the public service of the countries there is so far no agreement. The tariff community of German countries also presented during the round of Negotiations in Potsdam, no employer offer. The unions announced in...
Contents page 1 — CO2 is the best and pay the money to the citizens page 2 — New revenue the objective is not to tax at all – but the protection of the environment On a page ...
The EU Commission adjusted its growth forecast for the Eurozone. 2019 gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to grow in the 19 States of 1.3 percent, said the Brussels authority. In the autumn, the Commission had forecast...
anyone Who has in any EU state are entitled to children's money, get this power even if he loses his Job and his children the Land do not live in the EU. The EU regulation on the...
here are the winners: A company from Aschheim near Munich secures itself as a payment service provider on the Internet, a niche that is becoming a global business. And, therefore, a Fintech is a Start-up company with...
the increase in price-adjusted real wages have increased in Germany in the past year by one percent. Although the nominal wages were down three per cent year-on-year, as the Federal statistics office on the basis of preliminary...


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