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Contents page 1 — The Ölchefs in Maduro's cells page 2 — new fronts in the battle for Citgo On a page Cristina Vadell has your father last updated on February 12. November 2017 seen, just before the...
the head of The monopoly Commission, Achim Wambach, expected in case of a possible merger of Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank hardly any competition problems. "There is evidence to suggest that the antitrust authorities conclude, would be, together,...
Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank intend to start discussions about a possible merger. The two largest German shared with private banks, according to a separate meeting of their boards of Directors. The Board of Directors of the German...
Contents page 1 — "The story of the many climbers is a myth" page 2 — From the very rich to medium-rich page 3 — The criterion of "Character" in order to reduce the number of Jewish students On...
clinic patients in Germany have to reckon with Strikes of Doctors. The large tariff Commission of the doctors ' Union Marburger Bund, said the collective bargaining for the approximately 55,000 physicians in more than 500 local hospitals...
Due to cruelty to animals in factory farming is condemned on Friday a pig farmer by the Ulm district court to three years in prison. Due to the catastrophic conditions in his stables in Merklingen, hundreds of...
THE TIME: Mr. Bregman, you are the face of a new movement? Select your access to and read directly. Digital-access All items on TIME ONLINE free, THE TIME as an App, E-Paper and E-Reader evaluate for...


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