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Contents page 1 — "You can talk about the downturn also bring" page 2 — Concerns about an Erosion of the political system in Europe, On a page Donough Kilmurray, head of Goldman Sachs, the Department of investment...
affects of The end of March, forthcoming Brexit the UK economy. As the office for National statistics (ONS) announced to put the gross domestic product (GDP) in the last year by only 1.4 percent, and was so...
The global economy is weakening, according to a survey increasingly. The Index of the Munich-based ifo-Institute to the world economic climate fell in the first quarter from minus 2.2 to minus 13.1 points. Thus, the indicator fell...
The Deutsche Post has moved to its next price increase, according to a report in the summer. Then the postage is set to rise more than previously announced, reports the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. So far, the Post...
The city of Paris wants to take court action against the housing Agency platform Airbnb. The online platform to offer 1,000 apartments, which were not registered with the city and, therefore, the conditions of the occupation authorities...
The Swiss have voted by a majority against a ceiling for land. In a nationwide popular vote, 64 percent of voters rejected the so-called urban sprawl initiative. The Greens wanted to leave in the Constitution States that...
shows A study of the Protestant Bank: 60 percent of the surveyed nursing homes in Germany have open Professionals. On average, six Points are there per home vacant. There are around 300 managing Directors and administrative heads...


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Now the message to the sick Cars with (1.5), which is...

Heist-op-Den-Berg, Belgian children's Cancer support fund (BKKS) is a text-action and have started for the little Cars to Need from Booischot. He is 17...