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the head of The economic experts, Christoph Schmidt, has criticised the reform plans of the SPD for the welfare state. Especially, the duration of unemployment benefits should be extended for older workers in nearly three years, interferes...
In the dispute over new rules for pipeline projects such as Nord Stream 2, the European Commission has made with the countries of the EU and the European Parliament a provisional agreement. The EU informed the Commission....
environmentalists have now called for representatives of the agricultural economy is a fundamental Reform of the EU agricultural subsidies. The direct payments in the billions would have to be abolished, said the President of the German agricultural...
with cash according to a study, cheaper and faster than debit or credit card. So, the average cash payment to the Treasury of about 22 seconds, and cost banks and business owners 24 cents per transaction. The...
of Bank customers have contacted in the past year, with more problems in the supervision of financial services Bafin. In the case of the authority, a total of 5.539 official complaints were received from 2018 to credit...
Labour market economy on immigration is instructed according to A study, German companies are dependent on the immigration of around 260,000 people per year. The only way the demand for skilled workers could cover. © Photo: Sven Hoppe/dpa ...
Contents page 1 — "You can talk about the downturn also bring" page 2 — Concerns about an Erosion of the political system in Europe, On a page Donough Kilmurray, head of Goldman Sachs, the Department of investment...


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