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taste can not be protected by law. To this judgment, the European court of justice (ECJ) in the case of a dispute, Heksenkaas. Food manufacturers may claim copyright on their taste (Az. C 310/17). the...
Contents page 1 — the principle of stability page 2 — "Essential elements were carried over from Austro-fascism" page 3 — "Austria has incredibly benefited from the fall of the Iron curtain" On a page read TIME: Mr...
For the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, the Brexit negotiations seem to be even more difficult. As the newspaper Sunday Times reports, citing ' sources, has rejected the European Union a proposal may's trade policy. The Prime...
the Federal health Minister, Jens Spahn (CDU) is widely criticised for his proposal that children should loose pay a higher contribution for the care insurance. To support parents was a task for the whole society, said a...
Contents page 1 — "Our state has really other problems" on page 2 — a tax expert Bach is required against the abolition, On a page read The economy have recently the abolition of the solidarity surcharge. The...
The Federal cartel office of the merger of Department store chains Karstadt and Kaufhof approved. The competition authority announced in Bonn. cartel office President Andreas Mundt said: "We have reviewed the project intensively. Neither...
The International monetary Fund (IMF) has warned of the impact of the financial problems of Italy to other European countries. The uncertainty over Italy's finances was significant, said the IMF in its autumn forecast for Europe. Italy's...


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Draft final report: coal Commission wants to compensate power plant operators

The coal Commission the government wants to respond to consumers and producers, when the Coal phase-out. This is evident from the proposals...