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The wireless industry says a long time from the benefits of the new, ultra-fast wireless transmission standards 5G, for example, for Autonomous Driving, or for networked factories in which machines communicate with each other. Now, the Federal...
One of the most critical tasks for businesses that are involved in selling goods is the warehouse. For customers' needs to be met, an efficient warehouse is crucial to ensure prompt and accurate shipments. Also, the business can save...
the answer to The question, what business-friendly policies, the SPD, already nearly 60 years ago in its Godesberg program: "competition as far as possible – planning as far as necessary". And this requirement is as a guide...
Contents page 1 — In search of the pharmacy page 2 die — The market share of mail-order pharmacies is still low On a page read "All of 38 hours closes in Germany pharmacy. For always" is written...
Contents page 1 — Fusion into the Unknown page 2 — the rescue at the last second, On a page The Berlin-based merger of the Commerzbank and the German Bank is the latest humiliation in a long line...
Plane crash - U.S. government considers approval of the Boeing 737 Max 8, The authority of the USA has approved the model of the plane that crashed in Ethiopia. The US government is now investigating whether mistakes were made....
Contents page 1 — The Ölchefs in Maduro's cells page 2 — new fronts in the battle for Citgo On a page Cristina Vadell has your father last updated on February 12. November 2017 seen, just before the...


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John Cryan: Former Deutsche Bank CEO gets million severance

The former boss of Deutsche Bank, John Cryan, has received for the involuntary change of management, a severance payment in the millions....