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Sunday, August 9, 2020
Under the "unique tank battles" usually refers to cases where one tank crew fought against large numbers of enemy tanks and won. However, most of the stories written during wartime for propaganda purposes and does not withstand objective examination. Stories about the tank that was hit in one battle fifteen to twenty enemy vehicles and is easy to find. But when checking data, it appears that the enemy tanks is less than our tank was not alone, and attended the infantry and artillery. And this is only the case if such a battle really took place.
Nina cook Praises of biscuits, you can eat as much as you want. No sugar, but it is a little bit of honey, and a lot of of a pumpkin (yes, really) for something sweet. And chocolate is the...
TV-Wanne Synnave (22), one of the sidekicks of the CHARITY-presenter Peter Van de Veire will be the passage in the " Now " is still a long time to remember it. Wanne did that yesterday, some of the decisions...
Science Luierverversmachines, overheating the testicles, and kankerwerende pizza are just a few of the topics covered by the studies, which, this year, an Ig Nobel prize for came. The awards are presented annually for research that "first laugh, but...
Formula 1-Mick Schumacher is looking with mixed feelings back on the finished his debut season in the Formula 2, which is by fits and starts went. The son of an F1 legend, Michael Schumacher drove just up to the...
Russian and Western historians confirm that Oskar Dirlewanger could make a career of one of the main executioners of the Second world only in Nazi Germany: a pedophile Dirlewanger himself was a notorious scoundrel, and subordinates in the Sonderkommando of a name typed to match.
Living room. Our kitchen will soon look different. Here we are, still on the basis of the latest innovations by manufacturers from the furniture, equipment, and cranes are present to us. Here are 5 trends that are on the...


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