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Sunday, August 9, 2020
Doesn't stop the hype surrounding the rumors about the possible resignation of world football stars Lionel Messi of the Spanish "Barcelona". The Argentine has had problems at the club and, according to rumors, it though to see "Manchester city", "Paris St Germain" and "Juventus".
The famous scientist, humanist, human rights activist and Nobel peace prize laureate in 1975, academician Andrei Sakharov, as is known, was one of the developers of the Soviet hydrogen bomb. This man actively participated in the arms race that unfolded on the backdrop of the cold war between the USSR and the USA. And until such time as a talented physicist realized the danger of thermonuclear weapons and became a dissident, he personally invited the country's leadership to destroy coastal cities in the United States, creating a huge tsunami.
For many decades in Soviet historiography, the failures of the red army in the summer and autumn of 1941 was due to this: the attack of Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union was sudden and treacherous, and the Soviet leadership believed that the Fuhrer (violating, among other things, dozens of treaties!) will respect the Pact. As a result, Hitler was able to concentrate on the Soviet border force, several times higher than the potential of the Soviet troops. A reasonable argument that the government must always prepare for war, in 1956 was followed by another learned response: in the unwillingness of Soviet troops to repel the German invasion to blame Stalin personally.
Living room. Today it's world animal day event. This is a time for your four-legged friend an extra treat. Why don't you do it with a stylish sofa or an designkussen?
As you know, many Nazi war criminals managed to escape punishment. However, the biography of Vladimir Katryuk looks incredible even compared to other similar stories. Responsible for heinous crime — the burning of the inhabitants of the village Khatyn — Ukrainian nationalist quietly have lived in Canada for 64 years.
With the arrival of the first european fighter aircraft (F-35, on Thursday in Leeuwarden, the netherlands, and is large at an end. The new unit will have an extra inspectiebeurt. The fire department and the air force had prohibited...
In the Thai town of Hua hin started the Women's tennis Association tournament with a prize pool of 275 thousand dollars. The only Russian woman on the events in Thailand was claimed Varvara Flink. However, it failed to pass the turn of the first lap.


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