The car Manufacturer Lexus, it brings later on this year, its first all-electric car on the market. However, this is not the futuristic-looking model and the photos on this page. This is the LF-30 was indeed just been unveiled, but it continues to be a study model which allows the Lexus vooruitblikt cars and technologies in the year 2030.

With a study model to do to a car are often two different things: on the one hand, it allows the manufacturer to see what the behind-the-scenes now. Go back to the design models of the advanced techniques that are being developed, and what such a vehicle will soon add up to? Second, the measure of such a ‘concept car’, the reactions of the audience, given the model of positive feedback from the target audience that the automaker has in mind? You will be presented with a less extreme version of the car in a few years, as the production version.

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it’s the latest, with the ‘LONG-30 ‘public space’ Concept and is likely to happen: in the extreme top-opening gull-wing doors won’t come back, but it is the base of this ‘Lexus ‘ Future 30’ to give a hint of the future design style of the Japanese brand. Nearly 5,10 m of length and a width of almost two metres and a height of 1.60 m, we are looking here at a precursor of a large, relatively high level of the Lexus.