Can Wehrmacht veterans to wear awards of the Second world

History 26/01/20 Can Wehrmacht veterans to wear awards of the Second world

Since the end of world war II Nazi symbols in Germany was banned. In this regard, it would seem that one would expect of a ban on the wearing of Nazi orders and medals. But this assumption does not correspond to the real situation.

the Denazification of Germany.

the Official date of the end of world war II is considered on 2 September 1945. However, at the end of July — beginning of August of the same year the leaders of the three allies, or so-called “big three” met at the legendary Potsdam conference to among other things, to decide the fate of defeated Germany. According to the publication “contemporary history” edited by A. V. Shubin, the Soviet Union, Britain and the United States developed a policy in relation to Germany, which was called “four D”: deregulation, democratization, demilitarization and denazification.

of Particular interest was the latter process, which involves the elimination of all Nazi organizations, the trial of war criminals and banning the Nazis to hold public office. It is clear that the armed forces of national socialist Germany (Wehrmacht) were also declared her. So, according to Yury Veremeev in his book “Soldiers and the Convention. How to fight by the rules,” the wearing of signs and emblems of a non-existent army would amount to a violation of the Potsdam agreements.

the Nazi Recognition awards

In this regard, it was forbidden any Nazi symbols, including those depicted in the award-winning national socialist Germany, in connection with these awards and was abolished. Within a few years after the Potsdam conference mentioned in the background to the search of Nazi criminals, courts above them and to overcome other consequences of the Second world war, the fate of German orders and medals of little interest. This issue the authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany only returned 12 years later after the famous Potsdam conference.

according to Vyacheslav Bondarenko, the author of the book “100 great awards in the world”, 26 July 1957 in Germany, a law was published “On titles, orders and medals” (“Gesetz uber Titel, Orden und Ehrenzeichen”), under which military personnel of the Bundeswehr was officially authorized the wearing of dozens of awards and insignia of the Nazi Wehrmacht. Thus, the German government officially recognized the Nazi awards, which were prohibited from selling, and wearing them allowed only if the relevant documents.

Hitler’s order of the new model

However, the ban imposed on the use of Nazi symbols, has not been canceled. The propaganda of Nazism in Germany is still punishable by justice, and therefore reward, is allowed to wear, but relating to the period from 1933 to 1945, mandatory should contain Nazi signs and images (the swastika, the double Sieg rune, and so on). This fact is reflected in the law “On titles, orders and medals”, 1957, mentioned in his book “Lexikon der ‘Vergangenheitsbewältigung’ in Deutschland” (“encyclopedia “to Cope with the past” in Germany”) Torben Fischer and Matthias N. Laurence.

meanwhile, a similar symbolism contains most of the Nazi orders and medals. But Germany has solved this problem: veterans who fought on the fronts of the Second world war on the side of the aggressor, can order for themselves the so-called denazify the order in which Nazi symbols are replaced, for example, an oak branch. So, Igor Gusev on the pages of his book “Awards, orders, medals of Russia, the USSR, the world” gives as an example the image of the infamous Iron cross 1957, which is missing the swastika. A cross made from Nickel silver, silver and platinum.

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