Tonight’s episode brought a dreadful warning to Nurse Monica.

All indications point to a tragedy looming within the walls at Nonnatus House. Tonight’s episode Call the Midwife includes a dire warning for Sister Monica Joan (Judy Parfitt).

The episode begins with a raven entering the nunnery. She interprets it as a “message” to her sisters. This message plays long after Fred captures the bird and takes it back outside.

In desperate need of answers, she turns to Dulcie Greenhalgh (Frances Tomelty), a local woman who believes she is gifted with the ability to see the future.

She initially doesn’t want to help Sister Monica. She says she has stopped listening to the three spirits “never leaving” her and that she is tired being a clairvoyant.

Soon, we will understand why Mrs Greenhalgh feels like this when she tells us a sad tale about her talent that led to her being accused of fraud and eventually lead her family to divorce her.

This sad series of events caused her to give up on taking care of herself. She allowed a rodent ulcer go untreated, and it got worse.

It is her son’s return that ultimately makes her accept medical attention. The successful treatment opened her eyes to the possibility of listening to the spirits again.

She thanks her and offers to read Sister Monica. However, Sister Monica is so troubled by the things she feels, that she almost cannot bear to share the information.

“I felt something,” Mrs Greenhalgh says, but doesn’t give any further details about the event.

The Call the Midwife cast has teased that season 11 will feature a shocking event that will cause serious story changes and impact the lives of all characters.

Stephen McGann, the actor who plays Dr Patrick Turner, said that it was a big story, brilliant, and a challenge. It’s a departure, I believe. It’s different. It’s ambitious.

It affects everyone in their own way. Everyone comes into it. It’s a smashing success. It’s great. It shows us that we can keep going with this thing, finding new stories to tell.