SCREEN From the hole to the piano, dragging and dropping, and his arm muscles a workout with a sofa and armchairs: Sieg De Doncker (30) days to do it all. Every week and even, A fresh start for the Dutch magazine vtwonen’. He is the host of the Vitaya-based program, we work behind the scenes. “Yes, of course the job that I really, truly, it’s not keeping up appearances.”

in Eight weeks is a long time, it is Sieg De Doncker pain, and see verhuizend Flanders for him, and the Dutch magazine vtwonen stylists Guillemine and Ozanne Mertens, but would like to come. “No one moves like,” hey. If we do that, then you have come to do, what could be easier? I would make a really great gift to find,” says Sieg. This is his third season out of ‘A fresh start’. Twenty-four of the move, he is on the clock, and find that he’s quite a punishment for them. “To my friends, or my family, I’m the guy that they call to make a move. (laughs) But I don’t think that’s really a problem.” And it’s clear. We followed him for a day, during the filming of the verhuisprogramma and looked at him with a smile, need to do some drilling in the door, or a heavy-duty couch, still in the right place, and that we are all in the last hour prior to the time the residents to their new home, were discovered. “It’s sometimes a little difficult, but after four years we are we are a team of well experienced,” he said.
clean appearance

“I will often ask a close friend or I really, really meehelp with the move. However, the people are putting all in the boxes, it’s hard for me to help, of course. That’s often the personal stuff. However, as soon as the moving truck arrives and the boxes are packed, I’m first on the set to see everything in the drawers, all the cabinets in the kitchen, to the cross,” says Sieg. “Then I’m going to take it home with me. Then it will start to Ozanne and Guillemine in the big inrichtingswerk, and, for me, for all the jobs. So, no, it’s not a good seem. (laughs)”.

However, were all of those jobs were not included in his contract when he was three seasons ago and has signed up for the Vitaya program. “I just bijgenomen, without question,” he laughs. “This program will make you, as a team, so I will help wherever it is needed. I am the sort of person that will work. Though I have to admit that I have had that dragging it on the stairs sometimes feel in my lower back. But still, I am pretty athletic, so that in itself is not a problem. A permanent injury, he has thankfully not been broken, made, on the other hand… “I’m in the studio recording a hole-in-the-wall and beaten up,” he explains. “But I guess that just re-fill and then paint, so there is no problem like this before. Sometimes you have a group of twenty people living in one house the other hotel. There’s already something for that to happen. But the stuff in it, or if I haven’t destroyed it or let it fall.”

a Lot of less-stress

“I am still satisfied with the interior, after Sieg. What he was then, on the line, and did it continue to be? “The human interest in this program. I am the sort of person who is quickly to the people in their bubble can be overcome. In a very proper manner, and that it is important to be in A ” fresh start.” Will eventually help you in life. I now have a lot less stress than at the beginning. I also have a keiveel learned about how to deal with people. I’ve evolved to in the interviews, for example.

“Recently I was sitting with a producer in a bar and he told me that A fresh start is so well-made it is,” says Sieg yet. “And if some other producer saying something similar, I think, though, that we have made, right? (beams)”).

“A fresh start for the Dutch magazine vtwonen’


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