Gent, Kurt Vanhauwaert, But in heart and soul, has in an open letter to Sophie Dutordoir, CEO of the belgian railways, as directed. That is, it is already more than 1,000 times and shared on Facebook. He is in a wheelchair, and feels it is the RAILWAY to be treated as a third class passenger. “If the RAILWAY is, as a rolwagengebruiker not have a right to reliable public transportation, then you may just be in my face, saying,” he says.

Kurt’s body a little to start, but it is to be an active and engaged citizen. So he went to this summer, are still on the road with the toegankelijkheidsambtenaar of the city, and the concerns expressed at the Gentse Feesten-area should be designated as ‘experts by experience’. But as far as the RAILWAY is concerned, he has not, after a week full of incidents of lack of understanding. “I’m being treated as someone who still plenty of time, and for those who don’t care if he’s too late, or not at all to its destination.”

“in Belgium, in one of the 132 accessible to the train stations, which are stations where I am, and with the assistance of the sncb / NMBS, the train can take. That is, only 24% of the 554 stations in the country has. As the RAILWAY promises to be a year, ten stations are accessible to the public, but at this rate, it will take more than 40 years of age, before I get in to all Belgian stations as soon as we can. For example, in the Netherlands, starting in 2025, but up to 99 per cent of all the stations where the NS stop is accessible. If the trains are going to, then use the RAILWAY to the old units to be renovated, but only with the new Narrow cars have a lowered floor, making getting in and out is very easy, even for rolwagengebruikers. The brand-new M7 cars, which make us over the next forty years, they will be transported, to promise little of good things. Also, they have no gelijkgrondse instapmogelijkheid. That is to say, that it does not look like I will ever be completely independent of the train to drive on.”

The RAILWAY promises to be a year, ten stations are accessible to the public, but at this rate, it will take more than 40 years of age, before I get in to all Belgian train stations and can help.

– Kurt Vanhauwaert

“Changes in terms of infrastructure and equipment takes time and money, and that’s what I understand. But it’s not going to move forward, while accessible public transport is really not a utopia it would be. In the manned space stations in Belgium, there is usually staff available to take me in and out of the train to help. For the other stations of the ‘mobile teams’, and came up with: the car is in the province, driving to the field to assist you. That is, people have limited time and options, why is it that I get in my journey, with a one-or two-hour delay, simply because there are no mobile teams are available. In the Netherlands, they are at the peak called on taxi drivers to get people in and out of the train to help me.”

“You’ll see me as an object,”

Kurt gets to see him on a one-week period of time had to endure. “Why do I have to check your email and get the mag I was after two hours of waiting at a train station to go back to, because the elevator is not working, so I can not do without? Why do the staff is no water, if I have two hours in the sun, you have to wait for a platform? Why is it that the custom closet in Leuven, belgium, a shed for toilet paper? Why is it that the well-adapted toilet on the train and I have to ‘be satisfied’ with an unbelievably dirty, the toilet in the Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station? Why was the online reservation system for guests with limited mobility will not have improved? I am not always notified when a requested trip could not be done with it? Why do people see me as an object that is on and off the train should be, rather than that of an ordinary traveller in time on his job and can’t always tell when a meeting is done it’s going to be?”

It is not up to the staff to find Kurt, but the company’s management. “If you do not see this as a full-fledged traveler, or if you don’t act upon it, then it will be very difficult for your staff to do this, however, is to continue to do so. I really expected a lot from the RAILWAY?” And then comes the proposal: “I want to help you, and I’m willing to give your financial adviser access to. Please do not hesitate to agree when I attempt to do in order to catch the train. It doesn’t take long: one half of a day is more than enough. You will be able to understand and experience first hand what I have in the letter just given.”

Kurt was still no response from the SOUTH.