Patty, a robot named by BurgerFi, made its debut at BurgerFi’s Jupiter location

Robots are going to deliver burgers.

Many are trying to find ways to combat employee shortages as fast-food and casual restaurants continue to navigate the post-pandemic world. One hamburger chain is looking to technology to address the problem.

BurgerFi has announced that Patty, a robot designed to deliver food to customers’ tables, will be used by the company. The company stated that the robot was just one of many innovations it plans to implement over the next few years.

Karl Goodhew is chief technology officer at BurgerFi. “Patty could be the solution to the employee shortages in the hospitality industry,” he said. We integrate automation and human operations to give our employees the support and experience they desire, as well as our guests. Robots enable our employees to remain the focus of great hospitality and will continue to be the most important aspect of the guest experience.

After customers place their orders at the counter, the robot can deliver food and drink to them. It can also return trays to the kitchen, and interact with customers in minor ways.

The robot was introduced at BurgerFi’s Jupiter location in Florida.

The chain also described several high-tech innovations it is testing. One of the innovations uses QR codes at each table for customers to order food from their tables without going to the counter. BurgerFi hopes this ordering method will reduce customer wait times.

BurgerFi announced that it would be the first restaurant in the country to offer in-car ordering of the 5G interactive cars, which will begin production in 2022. This update was brought to you by, an in-car retailer.