SEOUL, South Korea — K-pop celebrity group BTS has condemned racism against Asians, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders at a statement stating they have experienced it themselves.

The group explained their own painful experiences with racism comprised”expletives” and being”mocked for how” they seem.

BTS issued their announcement after recent strikes against individuals with Asian heritage in the USA, which have climbed through the coronavirus pandemic. A white gunman lately murdered eight people, including six women of Asian descent, in Atlanta-area massage companies.

“We can’t put into words the pain of getting the topic of violence and hatred,” the group said in the announcement, including that their experiences made them feel helpless and chipped away in their self-esteem. In February, a German radio channel attracted ire when a bunch compared the group to the coronavirus.

The group said that even though the discrimination they suffered is”inconsequential” compared to”events that have happened within the last couple of weeks,” they felt that the need to talk out. “What is occurring right now can’t be disassociated from our individuality since Asians,” the group.

Many Asian Americans consider the Atlanta shootings were racially motivated. Police say they’re still attempting to ascertain a motive.

“I’m proud to be Asian! We belong ,” Oh shouted into a megaphone in a Cease Asian Hate rally at Pittsburgh a week.

BTS is among the very first South Korean rings to publicly condemn anti-Asian racism. K-pop rings are proven to be mindful about preserving personas made by their own labels, which frequently muzzle celebrities on touchy issues like race and psychological wellness.

BTS has addressed racial violence and discrimination. In 2020, the group contributed $1 million into the Dark Lives Issue motion, which was rapidly matched with their own lovers within a single day, based on”One In An ARMY,” a worldwide fundraising group composed of BTS fans.