Brünnhilde Pomsel: as Secretary of Goebbels lived in the Soviet camp

Biography 18/12/19 brünnhilde Pomsel: as Secretary of Goebbels lived in the Soviet camp

Former private Secretary to the Minister of propaganda of Nazi Germany Joseph Goebbels, brünnhilde Posel, kept silent for many years. She decided to give the first interview only in 2011. After that, Pomsel was destined to live another 6 years, during which she managed to write a memoir. In the book she mentioned his stay in the Soviet camp No. 2, which was arranged directly in Buchenwald.

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Early biography of brünnhilde Posel did not differ from the fate of many of her countrywomen. She was born in 1911 in Berlin. There she graduated from high school and got a job in one wholesale company. Subsequently, this work Pomsel lost. Nice place, namely the position of Secretary on the state of the radio station, she got only after it became a member of the Nazi party. This she told in an interview to the British newspaper The Guardian. Then Posel believed that got lucky: she earned 275 brands – a fortune in those days.

In those years, as argued by brünnhilde, and she had no idea about the crimes of the Hitler regime. However, Pemsel did not deny that he was shocked by the arrest of one of the most popular radiodoctor. In addition, she noticed how different her life of a Jewish friend Eva Leventhal after the coming to power of Adolf Hitler. Moreover, soon eve will disappear. Brünnhilde allegedly believed that her friend sent to the village, which was located in the Sudetenland for “the settlement of undeveloped areas”. Anyway, Posel continued to be to the party, and in 1942 became the personal Secretary of the propaganda Minister of Germany Joseph Goebbels.

Naive brünnhilde

due To the fact that brünnhilde Posel rotated in Nazi circles, her unaware of what was happening in the country and in the worldverify questionable. Moreover, in some cases Posel took the most direct part. So, according to the publication “Political Geography: World-Economy, Nation-State and Locality” (Colin Flint, Peter J. Taylor), brünnhilde Pomsel spent their working days, changing the official statistics. For example, it reduced the number of German soldiers killed during the Second world war, and the number of registered rapes committed by Soviet soldiers against the citizens of Germany, on the contrary, increased.

it is Noteworthy that brünnhilde Posel did not deny the fact that in February 1943, was present at the Berlin sports Palace, when it was made by Joseph Goebbels with his “speech of total war”. According to Posel, Goebbels, at that moment turned into “an angry dwarf”. However, the Secretary knew him quite on the other side. Brünnhilde called him intelligent, polite and even noble man. With no less sympathy responded Posel and about his wife Magda Goebbels. After the bombing the house of brünnhilde was destroyed, Magda gave her a smart suit.

Stay in the camps and the liberation of

In the innocence of former Secretary of Joseph Goebbels, no one believed in 1945. It was then brünnhilde Posel was arrested. The next 5 years she spent in Buchenwald, where he organized a Soviet camp No. 2, and other former Nazi concentration camps. Interestingly, Pomsel in the book “The Work I Did: A Memoir of the Secretary to Goebbels” (Brunhilde Pomsel, Thore D. Hansen) claimed that while in detention she experienced a lot of pleasant moments. Posel recalled that it provided three meals a day, which at that time were deprived of many of her compatriots. In addition, being in the internment camp, the shield does not suffer from the lack of hot water and unemployment. And leisure she spent quite civilized: engaged in Amateur performances, played in performances.

Posel was released in 1950, returned home and again went to work in radio and television. However, for many years she had kept silence. All requests by journalists for an interview, she always refuses. As stated in the publication “Female Administrators of the Third Reich” (Rachel Century), only in 2011, Pemsel spoke. Before that, she pondered the suggestion of the reporter in almost six months. Subsequently, she wrote a book of memoirs. Why 100-year-old woman broke your vows, and remained a mystery. However, she insisted that did not in order to “clear his conscience”. Until his death Posel insisted on his innocence. She died in 2017 at the age of 106 years.

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