Britney Spears’ father asked the court that oversees his daughter’s conservatorship investigation into Britney’s statements to a judge last Wednesday about the court’s control over her medical treatment, personal life and finances. Britney called the order restrictive and abusive.

In a pair documents filed Tuesday night, James Spears stressed that he had not had any power over his daughter’s affairs for almost two years.

According to his filing, the court must investigate “serious allegations regarding forced labor, forced treatment and therapy, improper care and limitations on personal right.”

The documents stated that “Given all the allegations and claims, it’s critical that the court confirm Ms. Spears’ testimony was accurate to determine the corrective actions, or none, to be taken,”

These filings are coming a week after Britney Starr made her first public appearance in open court under the conservatorship that has ruled her finances and life for the past 13 years. She condemned those who have power over her and said she was forced to perform live performances, compelled by an intrauterine device to prevent pregnancy, and made to take lithium and other drugs against her will.

Spears stated, “I believe that this conservatorship is abusive.”

James Spears was the sole control of his daughter’s life during the conservatorship. However, he now has the power to oversee her finances and business transactions along with an estate management firm. Jodi Montgomery was appointed by the court to oversee Britney Spears’ personal affairs since her father died in 2019.

“Mr. “Mr. According to court filings, he has not been the conservator since September 2019. “Ms. Montgomery was fully responsible for Ms. Spears’ personal care and medical treatment.

Montgomery, Britney Spears’ supporter of her appointment, is temporarily serving. Although the court expected her to be appointed permanently, James Spears filed that Montgomery’s daughter had criticized her last week.

James Spears claims that he did everything he could to support his daughter’s well-being when he was conservator of her personal decisions. This included consenting to her marriage in 2012 and sharing conservatorship duties alongside her fiance. Spears got engaged to Jason Trawick, a former manager in 2012. However, the couple split in 2013.

Britney Spears’ personal lawyer Samuel L. Ingham III is also criticised in the filing. He claimed that Spears was not able to consent to medical treatment, and that he is using that to get a court order removing her right to informed consent.

Emails to Ingham and an attorney for Montgomery requesting comment were not returned immediately.

Britney Spears was harshly critical of Ingham and Montgomery in her passionate speech lasting more than 20 minutes. However, she focused her criticism on her father.

He was accused of enjoying his power over her. This was evident when she failed several psychological tests in 2019 that forced her into a mental institution.

Spears stated that he cried for over an hour on the phone and loved every second of it. “He had the same control over me as he had over his daughter, and he loved that he could control her 100,000%.”

James Spears, through his lawyer, said that he was sorry for his daughter’s pain.

In his court filings, he stated that it was crucial that all parties have a fair and full opportunity to respond to the allegations and claims made against them.

“Either the allegations are proven to be true,” the documents state, or they will be proved false and the conservatorship can be continued. It is unacceptable for either the Court or the Conservators to do nothing.

Spears stated to Brenda Penny, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, that she wanted the conservatorship ended. However she hasn’t filed a petition to end it with the court.

She said, “I want to see changes in the future.” “I deserve to see changes.”

Ingham stated in court that she hadn’t asked him to. Britney Spears stated in court that she didn’t know she could petition for an end to it.

Penny called Spears’ comments brave, but she didn’t give any clue as to the steps she would take. Before she can make a decision, there will be an investigation and many more legal steps.