Boris Scherbina: as the chief liquidator of Chernobyl predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union

History 29/12/19 Boris Scherbina: as the chief liquidator of Chernobyl predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union

a Native of Donetsk province, Boris Shcherbina, the youth went on the party career ladder. Unlike most of the careerists in the CPSU (b) (and then in the Communist party), and Shcherbina, admittedly, was a functionary-careerist, he possessed moral and intellectual skills necessary for a real statesman. First of all, he has demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice for a common cause and the ability to follow the principles stated by others.

Already 20 years old ambitious Shcherbina became a Communist and fought as a volunteer in the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-40, although he could be calm and quiet to study (he was then still a student). Then came the service of the party in the Komsomol and in fact in the structures of the CPSU (b). Nick stood with his organizational skills and love of innovation, so it “threw” on important economic projects — he directed the construction of two hydroelectric power stations and petrochemical plant in Siberia, were engaged in urban development. 12 years (1961-1973 years) nick has worked in the Tyumen region and turned it into a main oil and gas region of Russia.

Economic achievements, dedication, hard work and ability to work to the highest result allowed comrade Nick to move in 1976 to the top of the Communist hierarchical system — the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers on the Minister of petroleum industry of the USSR. Under him the Soviet Union was building new pipelines and developing rapidly new fields that allow you to sell more hydrocarbons in the external markets and to support the Soviet planned economy, gradually coming to the disorder.

At the time people joked about the “gerontocracy” (the power of old people), and it is no coincidence that even the most talented officials and organizers had to wait long to get powerb. Here and Scherbina at the age of 65 years, finally became a Deputy Chairman of USSR Council of Ministers. In this position he had to make the main business of life is to lead a government Commission on liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl accident. Already on April 26, 1986 nick was on location in Pripyat.

He listened to the advice of Valery Legasov and other scientists sent to the scene of the accident, organized the evacuation of tens of thousands of residents of the contaminated 30-kilometer zone, were engaged in extinguishing the fires, preventing further contamination of soil and groundwater, construction of the “sarcophagus” shelter — fourth NPP. Then was again put in work remaining undamaged reactors and founded the town of Slavutich, where today live the workers of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Leadership and authority Shcherbina helped him to solve all the problems that arose during the aftermath of the accident. After 4 years, nick is dead — long stay near the station after the accident and serious exposure to radiation (the dose of at least 200 REM) brought the passing of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, in General, characterized by very good health.

But nick managed to lead the “fire brigade” of the Soviet Union again in 1988, when an earthquake of tremendous power that have occurred in Armenia, claimed the lives of 25 thousand people. Already bad felt old nick spent a month at the crash site (although could use a few days). It was always tormented by painful coughing, he was pale, tired quickly, but continued to work. Nick organized a rescue, treatment and restoration of normal life. After that finally for him the reputation of hero, not pitying themselves for the sake of helping people. For the Soviet apparatchik of the 1980s it was already pretty unusual. As that official, according to his friends, was a charming bright personality of high culture.

Even after retirement in 1989, and realizing that on its last legs (died 22 Aug 1990), Scherbina was worried about the future of the disintegrating Soviet Union. In 1990 he predicted the negative results of Yeltsin’s rule. Shcherbina wrote to the Politburo: “the mere fact that elected Yeltsin Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR dangerous consequences in politics and the economy. Neither political nor moral qualities of the newly-minted head of the Supreme Council for the job has not. (…) If Yeltsin manages to capture the Supreme Council and Council of Ministers, will come the hardest band in the history of the country.” Nick was absolutely right — 1990-e years Russia and the former Soviet Union complicated and very painful period. But clever old man, no one listened. The country has long endured a rough patch, affected the historical problems that have accumulated over the terrible twentieth century, and their consequences to save her he could neither Boris Shcherbina, who would be neither one thing nor the other.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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