DOWNING Street’s communications director Jack Doyle resigned hours after Boris Johnson, the head of policy, resigned.

Sky News reported Mr Doyle telling staff that Downing Street has “taken a terrible hit on my family’s life” in recent weeks.

A spokesperson for Number 10 stated that Jack Doyle had left government. He has made a tremendous contribution, and the prime minister is extremely grateful for his work.”

On Thursday, February 4, Munira Miza, Director of Number 10 Policy Unit, announced her resignation. She stated that Johnson should have apologized for remarks made to Keir Sterner during a Commons debate Monday, January 31.

The PM claimed that Sir Keir Starmer, Labour leader, had failed to prosecute Jimmy Savile.

Dominic Cummings, a former No10 aide, is now an arch critic to the PM. He tweeted: “Moral courage from Munira, who has done her best with a professional staff throughout the horror since 11/20.

“It’s also a clear signal that the bunker is crumbling and *this PM is over*.

On Thursday night, Rishi Sunak, Chancellor, stated that he wouldn’t have said the following:

Johnson stated earlier today that he wanted to make it clear because many people are getting hot under the collar and I can understand why.

“Let’s make it clear: I am not referring to the personal record of the Leader of Opposition when he was DPP. I fully understand that he did not have any involvement with these decisions.

“I was trying to make a point about his responsibility towards the whole organisation.

“I want to clarify that, because it is essential.”