ARCHIV - 15.08.2022, Berlin: Das beleuchtete Logo des Senders Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) ist an der Fassade am Sitz des Senders an der Masurenallee angebracht. (zu dpa «RBB-Rundfunkratschef: Keine Wahl von Interims-Chef am Mittwoch») Foto: Carsten Koall/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

The controversial bonus system for executives at Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) is abolished. The chairwoman of the board of directors, Dorette König, told the German Press Agency on Tuesday evening that the board had decided to abolish the variable remuneration system and no longer apply it.

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According to your information, no more variable remuneration should be agreed in future contracts. The existing contracts will be negotiated bilaterally with the RBB employees.

The bonus system has come under heavy criticism in the course of the allegations against the director Patricia Schlesinger, who has since been fired without notice, and the resigned chief controller Wolf-Dieter Wolf. There are no such bonuses in other ARD houses.

The independent control body, the Board of Directors, also decided that it would recommend that the other control body, the Broadcasting Council, not approve the 2021 annual financial statements of the public broadcaster RBB at this point in time. König referred to the ongoing investigations by a law firm into the allegations of nepotism and felony allegations against Schlesinger and Wolf.