Bogdan Stashinsky: what became of the executioner Bandera

History 02/01/20 Bogdan Stashinsky: what became of the executioner Bandera

In 1957 the KGB agent Bogdan Stashinsky eliminated in Munich Lev Rebet, a Ukrainian nationalist journalist and immigrant — he sprayed him in the face with a poisonous mixture that contains cyanide, from which the victim died within three minutes. Everything looked like a death from a heart attack. Two years later, Stashinsky in the same way killed Stepan Bandera, the legendary leader of the Ukrainian nationalists. During these operations the young Stashinsky (b. in 1931) was awarded the order of red banner (“for the fulfillment of important state tasks”). However, shortly after the triumph Stashinsky came down from the stage and landed right in the “fog of history”. Still not known for certain what became of the murderer of Bandera.

the fate of the post office many strange things. Unexpectedly that the executioner Bandera himself was born in a family of Ukrainian nationalists and studied in Lviv, was even distributed anti-Soviet leaflets. Young and shy Ukrainian managed threats to recruit security officers, and from 1951 he started to work against the nationalists, and the first target was the groom’s own sister Stashinsky, the commander of the guerrilla detachment Bandera, Ivan Laba. Stashinsky had betrayed him — passed the location of the unit. After that, life Bogdan was tightly connected with the service in the KGB. It seemed that he became a convinced and loyal Communist, opened a lot of “Ukrainians” underground, was trained in the KGB school in Kiev. Then Stashinsky worked in Poland and the GDR — mainly informant, translator and liaison.

But in 1961, the Soviet spy fell in love, met at a dance in Berlin a girl named Inge Paul is a hairdresser and a citizen of the GDR. They soon became a young family, however, the authorities of the scout tried to hinder this Union. Fighting for love had changed Stashinsky to their service and command, he ceased to trust them and began to fear them. Besides, the chosen one did not want to live in Russia, and in General were dissatisfied with the service of the husband to the KGB. Stashinsky began to listen to his colleagues, the mail is also intercepted. When Inge became pregnant, guide superspy insisted on abortion (though, the girl flatly refused). The situation was such that the authorities could at any time raise the question — or the wife is unreliable, or service.

the Spy made a choice even before he was asked. For the sake of his beloved wife Stashinsky defected with her to West Germany and surrendered to the police, which was admitted in the service for Soviet intelligence, and the murder of emigrants of Stepan Bandera and Lev Rebet (1957). Escape Stashinsky made at the last moment — the day the “iron curtain” in the form of the Berlin wall came down on the German capital. For crimes Stashinsky was sentenced in the West to 8 years imprisonment and 6 years of which he served.

What became of former KGB agent after his release from prison in Germany — that is the question. According to the historian Boris Volodarsky, Stashinsky for his own safety was subjected to plastic surgery, given a new identity (i.e. passport) and sent to South Africa. There Stashinsky, by assumption, Volodarskogo, maybe under a full cover and is very quiet to live until now. Another writer, D. P. Prokhorov, believes that Stashinsky after the surgery settling in the United States. If they are right and Stashinskomu was able to survive and stay with his wife-a German woman, apparently, for him, everything turned out well: he refused a dangerous profession and lived with Inge. However, all the data on the whereabouts of the murderer of Bandera conjectural and based mostly on rumors and scraps of someone else’s phrases. For example, data on South Africa appeared thanks to the former police chief of South Africa’s General Geldenhuys — General said that Stashinsky lives in his country. In any case, the former karabelnik hardly ever will show itself, and we learn how his fate after his release from prison. If The StashInskaya is still alive, now he is already 88 years old, of which he was hiding more than half a century — must have all traces of long and reliable deal.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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