Bogdan Kobulov: to whom Stalin and Beria were assigned the dirty work

Biography 17/01/20 Bogdan Kobulov: to whom Stalin and Beria were assigned the dirty work

According to the description of the son of Lavrenty Beria, Sergo – Bogdan Kobulov, did not Shine with beauty, had “big hairy hands, and short crooked legs”. And it is mainly used as a “machine for torture and murder,” although it should be noted that a deprived mind, he was not.

Smart and scary

Armenian Bogdan Zaharovich Kobulov was born in 1904 in Tiflis. After graduating from the local high school, joined the ranks of the red Army, and two years later moved to the Georgian Cheka. Then he was barely 18 years old. Despite such a young age, Kobulov fairly quickly began to move up the career ladder: since the early 1930-ies, as indicated in the book “the Politburo and then Beria” edited by Oleg Mozohina he has held leadership positions exclusively in the Secret-political Department of Georgia. His promotion Bogdan was obliged mainly Lavrenty Beria, who at the time was working in Georgia.

However, Kobulov and he was no slouch. At least, Elena Prudnikova, author of “Beria: the last knight of Stalin”, said Bogdan Zaharovich certainly possessed high mental powers, as well as worked in the economic Department of the Georgian GPU. Add that Kobulov has a rather textured appearance. As a big eater, he weighed more than 100 kilograms. Besides, he had a huge head and, as stated above, “big hairy hands, and short crooked legs”. Not surprisingly, Lawrence p. immediately called ward a Samovar.

the Master of interrogations

apparently, the Samovar was a very dear Beria, because the Commissar took it with him to Moscow. In the capital, according to Leonid Naumov, author of the book “Stalin and the NKVD”, Bogdan Kobulov became the head of the 2nd Department of the gugb and the head of the investigative unit. Almost immediately after the move he continued to prove his loyalty Lavrenty Pavlovich. For example when during the interrogation of one in custody suddenly attacked Beria, Bogdan, immediately responded, the assailant broke the neck literally with his bare hands.

However, for Kobulov it was likely not the first time. So, Simon Sebag Montefiore in his book “Stalin. Yard red monarch”, wrote that Bogdan Kobulov always took an active part in the torture of detainees. According to the English historian, he loved to jump on the bodies of their victims and famously waving a baton. It Kobulov, along with Merkulov, Rhodes and Beria tortured Marshal Vasily Blucher. However, sometimes, after work, Kobulov was crying, sensing that one day, he and his colleagues will have to answer for all their deeds.

Other “exploits”

the End was really close. But while Kobulov was at the height of his career, he had done many terrible. So, if you believe Lev Lurie and Leonid Malerova, the authors of the book “Lavrenty Beria. Bloody pragmatist”, namely Kobulov on the orders of Beria supervised the murder of the wife of Marshal Grigory Kulik Kira Simonic – murder, because Simonic was not even a criminal case. Kobulov was the organizer sanctioned by Stalin of the operation to eliminate the famous revolutionary Ivan Bovkun and his wife.

Besides, according to Yury Frolov, the author of “the great Stalinist Empire”, for the deportation of the Crimean Tatars, Bulgarians, Greeks, Armenians and persons of foreign nationality residing in the Crimea, Bogdan Kobulov, among other leaders awarded order of the red banner. And in 1953 he was promoted to first Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of the USSR.

the Death of a Samovar

However, the appointment was for Bogdan Z. last: after the arrest of Lavrenty Beria, his fate was sealed. Kobulov was arrested in late June 1953 in the building of the Central Committee. According to Elena Prudnikova, author of “1963. Deadly games”, it called to there under some specious pretext. In the book Nicholas Zenkovich “the Marshals and Secretaries-General” says that ToBulova as L. Beria, V. Merkulov, V. Dekanozov, S. Goglidze, P. and L. Vlodzimirsky Mexica, was accused of “the extermination of honest and devoted party cadres.” Samovar-Kobulov, fully recognized his guilt, he was shot by sentence of the Supreme court under the chairmanship of Marshal Ivan Konev.

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