The White Russian Vysjejsjaja League is the only competition in Europe that has not been shut down due to the outbreak of the corona virus. It was in the country for a certain amount of criticism on it, as well as from ex-Premier league player Darko Bodul.

“The problem is, the president of belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, the country is ruled with an iron fist. He has the corona virus has been described as a psychosis,” says Bodul, currently playing for Shakhtyor Soligorsk on Thursday at The Courier.

“He likes to be the boss, to play with. Fortunately no one was serious and despite the fact that the government officially has taken no action, there will be fewer people on the streets, and keep the older people.”

Lukashenko since 1994 and is the supreme chief in the republic of belarus, was surprised last week with a remarkable speech. He is reported to have instructed his countrymen as follows: “to Drink a lot of vodka, go to sauna, and work hard.”