Gingelom member selection of Fruit, once a thriving fruit farm that is up to 150 full-time staff and seasonal workers employed, but not any more. A victim of an industry in tumultuous bodies of water. The furniture was already in the public domain was auctioned off and now are threatening the property and the scale of Stefan, and Christel Query on the auction block to go. “We won’t be the last”, it sounds a little hopeful.

Your fruit is already in the corner where the blows fall. There is a Ruslandboycot, increasing international competition, and the failure of auctions. Couple that, literally, bad weather, such as hail and frost, and it should come as no surprise that the fruit of the lips are capable of. Bex Fruit from Gingelom has been passed, that is the point: after four generations, the book boils down to.