SC Siemensstadt: Parking spaces cost from now on. This sports news from SC Siemensstadt is also interesting: Spandau’s largest sports club (over 6000 people) introduces parking fees in front of the sports area with the large swimming pool. As of June 1, Contipark will operate the parking lot, reports Matthias Brauner’s club. The reason, among other things, long-term parkers and non-sports guests who block everything. But there are other reasons too.

“Of course we want to encourage our members and customers to use other means of transport than the car to do sports. The housing density in our area is increasing rapidly, more and more people can come to us on foot or by bike. We also want to consciously strengthen this environmental concept. To do this, we will soon improve the infrastructure, e.g. for parking bicycles.” Sports users do not pay a fortune: the first two hours cost 1 euro.

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Live stream: Spandau honors the best athletes. “After two years of pandemic, the traditional Spandau athletes’ ceremony is finally celebrating its comeback this year in the usual festive ambience of the citadel,” reports Frank Bewig, CDU, city councilor for sports. Almost 190 title holders of the year 2021 are expected in the ‘Alten Kaserne’ (this is the rear transverse building in the Zitadellenhof), who have at least become Berlin champions. It starts on Wednesday, 5 p.m., and district mayor Carola Brückner, SPD, will also be there. Great: The event will be broadcast as a live stream – here is the YouTube link.

Finally fresh money for the Kladow sports field. It is a bad case of renovation, there was even a threat of closure – because the artificial turf on the advertising boards is extremely wavy. Risk of injury to the power of three! Now there is finally a concrete rescue plan: costs, funding, schedules and emergency measures for the summer holidays 2022 – you can now read the information from the sports city council and from the state budget here in the Tagesspiegel.

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Skatepark Siemensstadt: There is a lot of money for the new skater and BMX slope in Siemensstadt – but where exactly is it supposed to go? The costs, the possible location, the criticism of the building council: You can read all of this in the current Spandau newsletter from the Tagesspiegel – now at

Speed ​​check before school. Here’s a great note from the athletics department of TSV Spandau 1860 around Thorsten Hanf (3200 members). The club not only has 24 sports on offer, but also clever ideas. “How do you get Spandau’s children and young people interested in exercise again after the long corona restrictions? The TSV 1860 has a convincing answer to this question: ‘Speedy Spandales'”, based on Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse in Mexico. These are 30-meter sprints, the time of which is measured using a light barrier.” And how’s it going? “The feedback from the Spandau schools is so numerous that it will not be possible to visit all schools with the light barriers before the summer holidays,” says sports and school councilor Frank Bewig, CDU, who is visiting the primary school at Eichenwald in Hakenfelde this week (Boss Sabine Dargel, 420 kids). Is the ex-basketball player and tennis player faster than the kids? –

Rowing charity regatta against cancer. On July 16th and 17th, the Tegel Rowing Club and Arkona Rowing Union (boss René Wilmes, the club has its clubhouse on Scharfen Lanke) are organizing two top events: first the Bundesliga race day on Lake Tegel and during the day followed by the “Rowing Against Cancer” charity regatta.

Run of Spirit in the Johannesstift. Pentecost, June 6th, the “Run of Spirit” will take place in the Johannesstift. What is that again? There are various disciplines such as the 5 or 10 km distance, walking, low-barrier runs for wheelchair users, youth and children’s runs. The route leads over the terrain and partly through the adjacent Spandau Forest. Motto this year: “Make a detour around our church on Whit Monday.” Who wants to run:

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The water polo players from Wasserfreunde Spandau are also in the final and are happy to have fans. Bayer 08 Uerdingen were defeated in the first final game, and the game continues on Saturday, June 4th at 3 p.m. in the Berlin swimming pool in Schöneberg. The best-of-three rule applies. A third final would take place on Sunday, June 5th.

Handball: VfV women sensationally win the Berlin Cup. The addendum has to be: what a party it was in the stands – with applause, green jerseys, lots of singing and even Spandau flags. Below, the women of VfV Spandau danced across the hall floor and hugged each other. Spandau’s best handball players recently became champions in the Oberliga (ranging from the Baltic Sea coast to the Spreewald). And now they have also won the Berlin State Cup in the final. In the hall on Glockenturmstraße, VfV defeated the higher-class Berlin TSC 27:26. Here is a great mini video and here are photos of the large Spandau fan block: “Double winner, double winner, hey, hey!”. The handball department online:

And here are some of the topics that you will find in my current Spandau newsletter.

Pentecost, holidays, high school exams: Spandau’s DLRG boss talks about the start of the season and the lack of staff, warns against naive bathing in the cold Havel – and mourns the loss of one of the DLRG’s most deserving lifesavers in Spandau

– 25 million construction site: New sketch of Berlin’s water polo arena, details on the demolition of the day care center, noise protection and the giant newt

– Swimming pool Spandau-Süd: This is how much the sauna renovation costs

– 300 meters of trouble at Glienicker See: Update on the nasty cobblestones in Kladow

– “180,000 euros just gone”: frustration at the ailing forester’s house in Gatow

– Millions for the Kladow sports field – and an emergency repair

– A new skate park for Siemensstadt – only where?

– Long-term debate about the BVG bus lane: New information about bollards on the Heerstraße

– Citizens’ initiative concerned about parents’ taxis – and the new construction of the primary school in Staaken is postponed

– 10 mini stories about Spandau and the doctors for the concert in the citadel

– 25 years of puppet theater in the citadel

– Photo art at Gatow airfield

– Guided tour for the blind in the citadel, cultural tip from the historic cellar

– Western town Haselhorst reopens

-Tiefwerder: Reader photographs water buffalo – and lots of tips for the long day of urban nature

– Lots of neighborhood sports: Run of Spirit in the Johannesstift, great school campaign from TSV 1860 Spandau

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