Outstretched hands wherever you look. May makes all things new and wonderful, even restoring a pre-pandemic lightness right now. Numerous events and meetings are currently taking place that had to be canceled in the last two years.

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It’s all the nicer to meet up with old friends again and finally talk face to face about how things went. After the corona-related communicative fasting cure, even casual acquaintances sometimes feel like long-missed old friends. This May, the zest for life has returned, and some would like to embrace the whole world. Finally music again, babble of voices, clinking glasses.

Anyone who holds out a hygienically correct corona fist to the shaking hand will quickly earn a frown, as if they were a little behind, overcautious or even rude. In doing so, it is right to maintain a few simple rules.

Unfortunately, it still happens all too often that you call acquaintances you missed and meet them at the Covid camp. “Vaccinated three times and still Corona, I just don’t understand it,” complain the sick.

Those who prefer the yoga salute or quick knuckle touch should not be considered a spoilsport. Some routines from pre-Corona times still belong on hold despite all the relaxation. After all, a realistic assessment of the situation is also a form of politeness.