These days the presence of social media in modern times has brought many changes to the world of communication. Social media is not only a tool for communication but also a means of making friends, sharing photos, and even as a means of promotion for an online shop business. Social media is also a tool that has been available as a means of increasing sales targets and it can also be a means to find out the reach of all promotional activities carried out. All things that are profitable can be realized, as long as online shop entrepreneurs can take advantage of social media in the right ways and rules so that they can carry out their role as the right place and tool for promotion effectively. Various kinds of popular social media such as Twitter, Facebook to Twitter have different functions and purposes. Another social media that has many benefits if used optimally is Instagram

Instagram is a photo and video application that allows users to take photos, take videos, apply digital filters, and share them with various social networking services, including those of Instagram itself. One unique feature on Instagram is that it cuts the photo into a square shape so that it looks like the result of an Instamatic and Polaroid Kodak camera.

Having followers on an Instagram account will help increase the popularity of the account owner or will increase the sales target for the products we sell. Followers or those known as followers on social media accounts are loyal people and look forward to every update that you display on your Instagram account. The existence of these followers is important because it becomes an assessment of whether your Instagram account is in demand. Or if the account is a store account, then you can find out how many people are interested in the products you sell. That is why an important store’s Instagram account has a large number of active followers, to make it more convincing and to make other potential followers believe in the quality of the products being sold.

Even though it’s like that, unfortunately having an active following is difficult to matters. Even though there are quite a number of followers, it is very possible that there are fake followers right now. Fake accounts created to increase the number of followers of a particular account. If a store on Instagram has this type of followers, prospective buyers are very easy to hesitate to buy the products. That’s why it’s better to have active or original Instagram followers than the many but fake ones.

There are several ways you can get more followers or get free Instagram followers, including:

1. Using Application to Add Free Followers

The next way is to use an application that helps get followers, such as the Instagram followers apk application. By using this application you will get 1000 free Instagram followers trial.

The methods above are the Best ways to gain more Instagram followers. For starters, make your Instagram account more attractive so that people are interested in becoming your followers. I myself recommend using an application to get free instances of followers such as Instagram Followers Apk which gives 1000 free Instagram followers trial when you register.

2. Account Must Focus on a Specific Topic

This is a natural law, which one can focus on one topic is sure to be more successful. Not only on Instagram, everything that focuses on a specific topic is generally more distinctive than those with a variety of topics. Successful Instagram accounts generally focus on one topic and their content is still related to that topic. If you like to travel, try uploading photos of your snaps while on location along with the beautiful scenery. Likewise, with other things, you can photograph something that you really like. The more focused the photos you upload, the better your Instagram account. If you sell a product, use your Instagram account to focus on that product, point out the advantages of your product.

3. Upload Interesting and Quality Content

Instagram’s social media does seem to accentuate the visuals more than the writing. Quality content, be it photos or videos, is a parameter to the success of an account on Instagram. If you want to attract more followers, you need to pay attention to this. Upload photos that have high resolution, if possible, prepare your photography needs so that the quality is even better. In addition, try to upload photos regularly with good quality content so that potential followers are moved to follow your account.

4. Don’t Spam

Uploading content regularly is necessary, but never Spam or upload excessively. This actually makes followers feel uncomfortable and eventually “unfollow”. You don’t want this to happen, do you? If so, try giving pause to each of your posts, for example, every 4 hours. You can also schedule when to upload photos every day. That way, you can become more focused on maintaining your account.

5. Make an Interesting Profile and Description

Even though Instagram features photos and videos, you should never underestimate the caption/description feature on Instagram. By giving descriptions to photos, your content will certainly be of more weight and quality.

6. Upload Photos with Inspiring Quotes

Now and then you can also upload photos other than product photos, for example, photos of pearls/quotes. However, you should choose quotes that are relatable for your target followers. So that followers will actively interact with the inspiration you uploaded earlier.

7. Upload Product Photos wore by Previous Buyers

You can ask for every product purchased by a customer to send a photo when it is worn. You also have to ask permission from the buyer to upload the photo on the store’s Instagram account. This will be very interesting to provoke interaction from followers.
if you also want to get twitter followers You should fallow the guidelines listed here.