Heroes 04/01/20 public domain”berserk”: what is so called the special forces “alpha” of Victor Blinova

a year and a half ago, became legends of Russian special forces – Viktor Blinov. In the group “alpha” fighter had a call “berserk”, as well as possible reflected his fighting qualities. As ancient warriors-the Germans, he knew no fear in battle. However, outside of the professional community about Victor Blinova for obvious reasons few people know.

the Beginning of the path

Neighbors and friends Blinova until the end of life were confident that he works as a mechanic at the plant ZIL, where he settled immediately after his return from the army. Even his wife thought so a few years up to 1991.

In fact, already in his youth, when Viktor Blinov was going to College to become a military interpreter, he was asked to serve in the “alpha” was established in 1974, the special unit of KGB on fight against terrorism. In a sense, the young man was a hereditary security officer – stepmother, bringing up Victor from the age of seven, worked in the KGB censor.


“Berserker” became a commando in 1978, and the following year he was sent to the chaos-ridden Afghanistan.

One of the first tasks of the special forces in Kabul, became the capture of the Palace “Taj Beck”, sheltering the Chairman of the Revolutionary Council of Afghanistan Hafizullah Amin, who became objectionable to Moscow. While experienced fighters stormed the Palace, pancakes, the other two “alfovtsev” and several Marines captured the headquarters of the Afghan air force. They did without firing a shot, through them, to skip the Russian in the building. Security staff gave up being shocked by the fact that Soviet soldiers are, inside and out. This operation brought Blinov order of the red Star.


Viktor Blinov had had considerable experience of the release of the hostages, when in 1986, two armed deserters captured sat down to refuel at the airport of Ufa, Tu-134. On Board were 81. Terrorisyou, whose name was Nicholas Matsnev and Agardi, demanded that the aircraft immediately flew abroad. While there were negotiations with the invaders, pancakes with two partners secretly got on Board. When one of the terrorists, taking a drug, “disconnected”, “berserk” with colleagues conducted the assault on the cabin – it took only 8 seconds. Were in a state of intoxication macnev was killed by machine-gun fire, and lay unconscious of Agardi was wounded in the leg.

But, as many believe, the ultimate test in life “Berserk” was to come.


in the Summer of 1995, Russia was shaken by a terrible news from the city of Budyonnovsk, where suddenly rushed the gang of Chechen militants headed by Shamil Basayev. Terrorists seized a local hospital, jeopardizing the lives of 1,600 physicians, patients and other residents of the city, rounded up in one place.

On such a large scale event left the entire staff of “alpha”. When it became clear that the militants impose impossible for the authorities requirements, the commandos received the order to storm the hospital.

the Operation began at 5 a.m. June 17. Viktor Blinov was in the first row of the attackers. According to witnesses, apparently he was in no hurry and proceeded on foot to the end of the building, shooting at fighters. The Chechens were in such confusion that was put in the fighter of “alpha” grenades, forgetting to pull out from them the check. However, no bullet and no shrapnel did not hurt the body “Berserk” – it was protected by a bulletproof vest. Viktor Blinov reached the first-floor Windows and began to rescue the hostages. But to get deep into the building failed – each corridor was mined stretch marks and tightly fired by militants with machine guns. The assault ended in failure, and the special forces were withdrawn. “Berserk” was leaving the hospital one of the last, covering their younger colleagues.

Sam pancake, it was recognized that this storm was his most difficult fight. His service in the “alpha” over 4 years later, in 1999.

Viktor Blinov not abused alcohol, and stress after operations removed intensive sports exercises. His health was undermined by excessive physical loads and effects of wounds. Viktor Blinov died 10 February 2017. The coffin with the body of “Berserk” carried on the hands of all heads of operational divisions of “alpha”.

Timur Sagdiyev

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