Hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and water – Elena Becker, a volunteer at the Squirrel Notruf association, is currently caring for twelve young squirrels in her squirrel emergency room in Steglitz-Zehlendorf.

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The small animals have, for example, a craniocerebral trauma, pneumonia, a cat bite or parasite infestation. They can only be released back into the wild at the age of twelve weeks after their therapy has worked

Becker the squirrels are mediated via their organization’s service telephone. Animals land with her all year round, but especially in the young animal season from March to October.

“The squirrels retreat to the cities a lot,” says Becker. This is due on the one hand to the fact that many areas in Brandenburg are used for agriculture and on the other hand to the fact that there are almost only forests with monocultures. In the cities, the rodents would then often be hit by cars or bitten by cats, for example.